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EpiModel Funding

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The primary support for the development of these software tools and statistical methods has been by two National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants:

  • NIH R01 AI138783: EpiModel 2.0: Integrated Network Models for HIV/STI Prevention Science (PI: Samuel Jenness)
  • NIH R01 HD68395: Statistical Methods for Network Epidemiology (PI: Martina Morris)

Our applied research projects using EpiModel have received funding from the NIH and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • NIH R21 MH112449: Modeling Antiretroviral-Based Prevention among MSM in the US (PI: Samuel Jenness)
  • NIH R21 HD075662: Using Sexual Network Transmission Models to Explain HIV Disparities Between Black and White MSM (PI: Steven Goodreau)
  • NIH R01 AI108490: Integrated Bio-Social Models for HIV Epidemiology (MPIs: Steven Goodreau, Joshua Herbeck, and John Mittler)
  • CDC U38 PS004646: Enhancing Models of HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STIs, and Tuberculosis to Inform and Improve Public Health Impact (PI: Patrick Sullivan)

Our team also receives institutional support through the following center-level NIH grants:

  • NIH P30 AI050409: Center for AIDS Research at Emory University (MPIs: Carlos del Rio and James Curran)
  • NIH P30 AI027757: Center for AIDS Research at the University of Washington (PI: King Holmes)