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Epic Fail Inc's Github Game-Off Submission


My name is Shane and I am one of the creators of Epic Fail Inc, a website that was created for our entry to this competition.

We decided to create "Boom" as our first ever public Unity game for the Github Game-off because we felt like it would give us the incentive and motivation required to actually start and finish a game. Unfortunately, however, this game was a victim of procrastination.


The rules state the game must meet certain themes, this game meets "merging". You may merge bombs together to make more powerful explosions, though with my current levels this is not necessary.


Boom is a side-scrolling puzzle game that involves strategically placing bombs in order to destroy or move obstacles that block you from reaching your objective.

You can find the game here:


  • Left/Right arrow keys or 'A'/'D' key: move left and right
  • Space: Drop bomb

Game developers/designers/concepts: