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  • Increase creativity while saving time and money
  • Create all sizes in all markets including digital fashion from one design file
  • Reuse and remix designs to shorten product design lead time
  • Convert your current patterns with no training required with our AI app
  • Design with remote teams and give customers a unique shopping experience with our Mixed Reality app
  • Expand your markets to include digital fashion, made-to-measure, plus-size, boutique size, on-demand, and sustainable fashion
  • More to come...

Expand design possibilities with digital prototyping in Mixed Reality

No mouse or keyboard needed in our fun, sophisticated, and creative experience for designers and consumers.

Convert existing industry patterns to custom-fit patterns with our AI conversion app.

Upload your standard pattern, download it as a digital custom-fit pattern!

Experience the single digital thread from design to production with our patternmaking software. Download the beta from

Create the design once then generate multiple types of products, open in 3D with EpicMode to check your work in 3D and continue the creative process!)