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Main project


  1. A collection of docker images for production use. This repo contains 2 types of images - advanced and ecosystem. We support linux x86_64 docker engine (Win64 is still in the testing stage).

    Dockerfile 8 1

  2. Console app written with c# and dotnet5 for downloading all avalible products from Atlassian.

    C# 6 2

  3. chocolatey Public

    Chocolatey scripts and mirror of releases

    PowerShell 1

  4. Toolbox for easy launching some officials Valve's SDK such as Source SDK 2013 SP or MP.

    C# 4 1

  5. Backup archive of Atlassian jsons.

    Shell 2 1

  6. Manage your SourceSDK Environments. Edit, reset, configure by one click.

    C# 3


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