Skip to content community database for game information, such as Heroes, Artifacts, Gear, Skills and anything else necessary to feed the DB. If you want to contribute but have no github or json experience, please use the databuilder form (link below).
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License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International community database for game information, such as Heroes, Artifacts, Gear, Skills and anything else necessary to feed the DB

Feel free to open an Issue if you see something wrong or some data/property is missing. Better yet if you make a Pull Request with the fixes :-)


Please check if the new hero you intend to contribute isn't already being worked (or was already worked) by someone here:

Thank you.


Please see for latest merged changes.

General Contributing Rules

Whenever referring to another hero, another resource, always write them with the following rules:

  • Always lowercase
  • If name contains spaces, replace them for - (dash)
    • E.g.: Ruele of Light (5 star Light hero) becomes ruele-of-light
  • If name contains ' (apostrophe) or any other special symbol (that is, not a-zA-Z0-9, and not a greek word, see rule below), simply ignore it.
    • E.g.: Water's Origin (4 star artifact) becomes waters-origin.
  • If name contains greek special symbol (that is, β), write it's greek name (reference letter->name). Some other games have items of same name with different greek letter so let's prepare for that.
    • E.g.: Abyss Guide β (Item that gives entries to Abyss dungeon) becomes abyss-guide-beta.

Contributing to Buff & Debuffs

Please read src/buff-debuff/ before contributing

Contributing to Artifacts

Please read src/artifact/ before contributing

Contributing to Heroes

Please read src/hero/ before contributing

Thank you for contributing.

Testing your changes before committing:

  1. Run npm install to install dependencies
  2. Run npm test and check if all JSONs are valid:
    • Success: you'll get a All JSON validated. Congrats! if everything is fine.
    • Error: You'll get a JSON {nameofjson} is not valid. and validation will halt with One or more JSONs are not valid. Please fix above files and commit the changes.
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