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serial device (/dev/tty.*.usbserial) <---> TCP Socket
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serial socket gateway

serial device (/dev/tty.*.usbserial) <---> TCP Socket

  • multi client support.
  • each client can read/write.
  • forwards strings from serial device to all socket clients.
  • split by '\n'


  • ruby-serialport (build from source code)
  • eventmachine (rubygem)
  • your serial device (arduino, mbed ...)

Install ruby-serialport

% wget
% tar -zxvf ruby-serialport-0.6.tar.gz
% cd ruby-serialport-0.6
% ruby extconf.rb
% make
% sudo make install

ruby-serialport 0.7 is not work.

Install eventmachine

% gem install eventmachine


Connect serial device, then

% ./serial-socket-gateway /dev/tty.your-usbdevice


% telnet localhost 8782

Make client using TCP Socket

see "samples" directory.

## connect
% require 'socket'
% s ="", 8782)

## write to serial device
% s.puts "abc abc"

## read
% puts s.gets
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