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<p>Stats for grades on the Doublets homework.</p>
<p><i class="fas fa-info fa-fw"></i> Homework overall stats are calculated on all latest grades (or latest traces, meaning the rightest column in the grades tables below).</p>
{% include table.html data = %}
{% capture subject %}[Algostats] Data de-anonymization{% endcapture %}
{% capture message %}Hello,
I am <fullname or login> and I'd like all my grades — my data — to be de-anonymized and made public on {{ site.github.url }}.{% endcapture %}
<p>The grades are anonymized by default. If you want your data de-anonymized, <a href="{{ subject | url_encode }}&body={{ message | url_encode }}">send a mail to us</a> from your email.</p>
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