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Ludum Dare 38 - Grub ... ?

I guess we're calling it Grub. It's a fun game go play it at

Adding content (since I'll be at work)

There are four ways you might want to add content:

New Actions

See the comments in server/controller/action.js and public/js/components/ui.js, they'll tell you what to do.

New Occupants

See the comments in server/occupants.js, it'll tell you what to do

New Tiles

See the comments in server/tiles.js, it'll tell you what to do

Changing NatureBot

This is a fun one but I didn't write comments cause I figured we could revisit this one later.

Tl;dr NatureBot is a collection of Components, each one allowed to set itself up (init) and update once every 250ms (tick). For a super simple implementation, reference nature_bot/components/RandoComponent.js

Adding components is easy (even multiple!). Just change nature_box/config.js and add an entry for your component. Any extra params you include besides name are applied as a parameter to the constructor.

components: [ { name: 'MyComponent', foo: 'bar' } ]


new MyComponent({ name: 'MyComponent', foo: 'bar' });

If you want to change production stuff (like send map updates), you'll need to provide an ELEVATE_SECRET token in server/config/local.env.js. I know what the secret is :)

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