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This repository is deprecated and is no longer maintained. See for a better alternative.


Quick and dirty PHP script to import Wunderlist ( tasks and lists in a kanboard ( database


  • PHP (any >= 5.x version should work, this script was tested on PHP 5.4.31) with SQLite 3 support
  • A command line interpreter
  • Kanboard 1.0.12
  • Wunderlist web application 3.3.8
  • A beer

Quick usage

  1. Get the script here : and unzip the content somewhere on your computer
  2. Go to the Wunderlist settings > Account tab, click on the Create backup button, and download the backup file
  3. Rename the downloaded file to wunderlist.json
  4. Download your original Kanboard database (via FTP or via the Settings tab > Download the database link). Don't forget to make a backup :)
  5. Throw these two files in the script directory. Your should have at this time wunderlist.json and db.sqlite next to the run.php file
  6. In your command line interpreter, launch php run.php. You should see some logging message
  7. If all is good, replace the old Kanboard database with the new one (e.g via FTP)
  8. Your lists and tasks has now been imported. You can drink your beer :)


You can define some settings like changing the generated colum names to match your language. See in the run.php file.

How it works

The run.php file is quite commented (I think) if you want to know more.

Kanboard and Wunderlist are very different, so there's some things to know about what happens to your tasks and lists in certain cases :

  • Lists are imported as Projects
  • The default Kanboard's columns are created for each imported projects
  • If a task is tagged as completed on Wunderlist, it will be tagged as closed on Kanboard
  • Users cannot be imported
  • Attached files cannot be imported
  • Comments cannot be imported
  • Public lists are imported as public projects
  • Starred tasks will have a color of red, otherwise yellow (Kanboard's default)
  • Completed tasks are moved to the KANBOARD_COMPLETED_COLUMN column and tagged as completed
  • Notes are imported as task description
  • Sub-tasks are merged in their main task's description They are now created as real sub-tasks

All the other data supported by Kanboard is imported with no problems.

End words

If you have questions or problems, you can submit an issue.


[DEPRECATED] Quick and dirty PHP script to import Wunderlist tasks and lists in a kanboard database