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DayZ Epoch

Experimental DayZ mod

Based on DayZ Mod Community edition

Included Custom Addons

  • DayZero Enterable Buildings
  • AutoGyro - by CSJ
  • Taxi by [GLT]Myke
  • Blackhawk and Seahawk Wrecks by [GLT]Myke
  • SUV Colors by
  • R3F Realism by Team [R3F]
  • ASC EU Lights Mod
  • MAP Editorupgrade (EU)
  • ShackTac Movement by Rg
  • ShackTac Bunnyhop by Macolik
  • Jetski Yanahui by Kol9yN, Zakat, Gerasimow9, YuraPetrov, zGuba, A.Karagod, IceBreakr and Sahbazz
  • gdtmod_grass 1.00 by HeinBloed
  • Bell 47/H-13 Helicopter by hcpookie
  • USEC CH53 by Rocket
  • Anzio 20mm Rifle by WillRobinson
  • RedRyder BB Gun by WillRobinson
  • Namalsk Addons and Bloodsucker by SumrakDZN
  • Stalker Units by Icewindo
  • Post Apocalypse Units by Icewindo
  • Ghillie Suits by Brainbug
  • Retextured German KSK Units by Brainbug
  • 19 Backpack Variants by lennard91
  • Spetsnaz GRU by stagler
  • CH-47 Reskins by SyNcRoNiCzZ
  • RACS UH-1H Huey Reskins by lennard91
  • UH1H Search and Rescue Skin by Sam563
  • Contractor Mi-17 Pack by lennard91
  • "Heckler & Koch" MP7 by SyNcRoNiCzZ
  • P99 Projekt by SyNcRoNiCzZ
  • FAMAS Pack by SyNcRoNiCzZ
  • FHQ Remington Weapon Pack by Alwarren
  • RH PDW pack by Robert Hammer
  • RH M14 pack by Robert Hammer
  • RH Pistol Pack Remake by Robert Hammer
  • RH SMG pack by Robert Hammer
  • RH HK416 Pack by Robert Hammer
  • RH Ak's Pack by Robert Hammer
  • RH MGS weapon pack by Robert Hammer
  • German Technical Relief Pack (THW Pack) by Marseille77
  • German Firefighters Pack by Marseille77
  • German Civil Pack by Marseille77
  • Sahrani Rearmed: Sahrani Civilians by Marseille77
  • Modern Irish Defence Forces - Steyr Aug A3 Pack by SyNcRoNiCzZ
  • Standard Vehicles Pack by Marseille77
  • Nissan 350z by CRASHNZ
  • G3 Pack by Marseille77

Included Custom Islands

Initial Developers

GitHub Collaborators

GitHub Contributors

Special thanks