0.3.9 build(570) for Arma 3 v1.60

@vbawol vbawol released this Jul 12, 2016 · 216 commits to release since this release

[New] Epoch Mod configs and some community pbo's are now released under APL-SA license here: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/EpochCore
[Added] Tanoa map support.
[Added] New Task based Mission System.
Added Support for Ryan's Zombies and Demons mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=501966277 with custom Epoch implementation.
[Added] New custom variable EPOCH_playerNuisance that increases based on the type of weapon fired and decreases at a rate of 1 per 10 seconds. This is used to track how active a shooter the player is.
[Added] Player option to Morph into a random antagonist (from deathMorphClass) after death. The array 'deathMorphClass' found in CfgEpochClient can be used to specify what antagonists to randomly spawn.
[Added] Player option to detonate body after death. Sacrifice yourself by generating a runaway thermal cascade using the nano bots within your body. Nothing left to revive.
[Added] object loot tables for zombies, sharks and Dogs.
[Added] looting Dogs for meat (uses placeholder object "goat leg"). Negative Karma given for eating or gutting dogs.
[Changed] Increased loot bias 10% overall and increased loot density for military and other larger buildings.
[Changed] new function Epoch_message, replaces Epoch_dynamicText.
[Changed] Object Interaction and EPOCH_client_bitePlayer settings in now config CfgObjectInteractions. Lootable objects can now effect player stats.
[Changed] Moved all Base Building variables to gamemode config CfgBaseBuilding.
[Changed] Moved all Item Interaction to new gamemode config CfgItemInteractions.
[Changed] Sapper groan or detonate can be triggered by setting a variable on the target or sapper.
[Changed] Server can be asked by a client / server to trigger an antagonist on another client. Antagonist is then run on target PC, independent from caller of function.
[Changed] Epoch Unit Spawn code. Now can be called specifying the target of the antagonist. Antagonist will run on target client PC.
[Changed] Sapper defaults tweaked to make them more responsive.
[Changed] New Sapper antagonist config options:
reflexSpeed - Set the loop pause. Defaults have been lowered to make sapper more responsive.
nestChance - A percentage chance, at each sapper spawn, that he will create a nest.
hideLevel - (Fear Emotion) Set level at which sapper will go into hiding based on fear of armed players, being shot near etc.
chargeLevel - (Anger Emotion) Set level at which sapper will trigger 'charge the player' mode.
[Changed] New UAV Support Troops antagonist config options:
unitTypes - an array of soldier classes to randomly choose from. Custom weapons to-do, use soldiers with default weapon loadout or handle weapons with custom script.
maxUnitNum - Maximum number of units to spawn per UAV.
minAISkill - Minimum value for any AI skill.
maxAimingAccuracy -> maxGeneral - Set the maximum value for each available AI skill. A random number between minAISkill and the value for each will be set as that skill.
[Fixed] To prevent A3 dupe issues Epoch Militia Solders when taking uniforms, they no longer have uniforms.
[Fixed] To prevent animation glitch with weapon switching on the move and holstering. You now must be standing still to holster your weapon.
[Fixed] Custom Epoch Gestures not working since 1.60.
[Fixed] Issue with animals not returning raw meat.
[Fixed] Getting wet and cold on standing on pier. Thanks to umfufu for the report! http://epochmod.com/forum/topic/41929-getting-10-points-of-wetness/
[Fixed] Missing texture issues with some base building objects since 0.3.8.
[Info] A big thanks to Isaac, Axeman's chief tester!

Server Only
[Added] Improved plant spawner by Redbeard Actual and [VB]AWOL.
[Added] Allow Epoch Events to accept full file path if 4th variable in the EpochEvents array is set to 0. Default is 1.
[Added] Function to effect a players Crypto server side: EPOCH_server_effectCrypto
[Added] New experimental PBO packing tool found in Epoch/Tools/PowerShell/
[Added] Server function to allow remote exec of setVariable on client - Allows client to ask another client to set a local variable, via the server. Server can run same function.
[Added] Epoch AH: Added ability to kick, instead of just log or ban.
[Changed] Changed gamemode to Survival, (might show as unknown gamemode pre 1.62)
[Changed] Reworked vehicle load function and made vehicles immune to damage for 120 seconds after startup.
[Changed] cfgpatches check now kicks by default with message a message.
[Changed] Vehicle persistence texture configs are now found in server settings pbo. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/experimental/Sources/epoch_server_settings/configs/CfgEpochVehicles.h
[Changed] Use new disableChannels syntax in 1.60 and enable text chat on side chat and not voice. Thanks to @morgoth0 for the heads up! #544
[Changed] ForceRestart option should now restart as soon as all players disconnect and server is locked.
[Changed] Epoch Events can now self initialize on server startup (if third events[] array element is 1). Fixes issue with weather not changing till first event run.
[Removed] Epoch AH removed whitelisted variable check system.
[Removed] STEAMAPI Vac ban check as it needs reworked in the extension.
[Fixed] Take into account trader stored per class vehicle limits when spawning new vehicles.
[Fixed] Disappearing Mags on login / revive. Thanks to He-Man for the fix: http://epochmod.com/forum/topic/42178-disappearing-mags-on-login-revive-fix/#comment-277194
[Fixed] CUP mods enabled check logic typo. Thanks to @morgoth0 for the report: #543
[Fixed] BE kick when player opened stock A3 dialog (Game > Options > Layout).
[Fixed] BE kick with Spawn Loot admin panel option. Thanks to @jostster for the report: #540
[Updated] Loot position tool: Epoch/Tools/SQF/saveLootPositionsVector.sqf
[Updated] World config tool: Epoch/Tools/SQF/getTreesAndTrash.sqf
[Info] Changed name of a3_epoch_server.pbo to epoch_server.pbo. Also changed path from \x\addons\a3_epoch_server to \epoch_server
[Info] Changed name of a3_epoch_server_settings.pbo to epoch_server_settings.pbo.
[Info] RConPort 2306 added to example-beserver.cfg for changes since A3 1.58.
[Info] Removed old .bikey and added new one for 0390.
[Info] Requires Arma 3 1.60 or higher.

Since build: 561
[Fixed] Disabled vehicle simulation handler by default. (temp fix for low client fps issues)
[Fixed] BE kick # 39 on mission

Since build: 562
[Fixed?] simplify new load vehicle, (realized sleep was not needed as allowDamage
does not effect scripted damage (per the wiki)
[Added] old load vehicle script and epochconfig,hpp flag. (default is
false = use new load vehicles, true use old one from 0.3.8

Since build: 563
[Added] Base Building limits and restrictions, thanks to: @Ignatz-HeMan
minJammerDistance = 650; // min distance to next Jammer
maxBuildingHeigh = 33; // Max heigh, building is allowed
buildingCountLeader = 125; // Building count limit if Player has no group
buildingCountPerMember = 5; // Additional building counts per group member
storagecountLeader = 10; // Storage count limit if Player has no group
storagecountPerMember = 5; // Additional Storage counts per group member
maxdoors = 8; // Max allowed doors per Group
maxgates = 5; // Max allowed Gates per Group
[Added] CfgEpochClient settings added for: Player killed revenge dialogs
playerDeathScreen = "TapOut"; // the dialog a player sees when they die or if playerDisableRevenge = 1
playerKilledScreen = "TapOut2"; // dialog that player sees when they are killed by another player.
playerDisableRevenge = 0; // 0 = invoke playerKilledScreen when killed by another player, 1 = disable

Since build: 564
[Fixed] Error with load_vehicles function since b562

Since build: 565
[Fixed] error in player death function since b563

Since build: 566
[fixed] incorrect index in weighted array fnc when zombies not used
[added] 3 additional water sources
[fixed] BE kick when base building since b564
[removed] allowdamage false on player revive, that caused player immunity to server side AI.
[changed] trade request feedback text

Since build: 570
[Fixed] change gamemode from Survival to Survive
[changed] enabled Ryan Zombies support by default.
[changed] added random delay in revenge detonation.
[changed] added min alive time setting for player revenge options. Default 15
minutes (900 seconds).