0.4 build(675) for Arma 3 v1.66

@vbawol vbawol released this Jan 6, 2017 · 2 commits to release since this release

[Fixed] Skip saving of already killed vehicles. @Ignatz-HeMan
[Fixed] Load all vehicles magazines correctly. @Ignatz-HeMan
[Fixed] Typo in helper scripts (EPOCH_server_movePlayer and EPOCH_server_teleportCheck)
[Fixed] Make player revive code wait for data propagation similar to player load. Should reduce chances of loading into an empty body.
[Changed] Added some apex backpacks to BE filter.
[Changed] bools converted to string or a number in configs.
[Changed] EPOCH_fnc_returnConfigEntry(V2) now also supports 0/1 via config when
default input is a bool. Note: this commit may address issue with Bad conversion: bool rpt spam.

It is suggested to use the following format for storing booleans in configs:
1 = true
0 = false