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@vbawol vbawol released this Mar 28, 2019

[] - 2019-03-28



  • Prevent Traders from spawning on containers
  • Advanced Vehicle Repair was not working as expected within custom "SafeZones"
  • Reset Toxic after revive
  • Delay for accurate position on swap building while basebuilding


Server Owners

  • Configs for upgradeable PlotPoles are located in ("CfgEpochclient" >> "CfgJammers")
  • Fixed BE-Kicks in DLC Shop
  • Another login stuck fix (Loadabs-Check)
  • Added possibility the usage of "Krypto" as needed material for building upgrades
    • Example CfgBaseBuilding:
      • upgradeBuilding[] = {{"PlotPole_L_EPOCH",{{"Krypto",1500}}}};
  • Fixed Ban for "commandMenu - RscMenuEngage"
  • New var "AutoLockStorages" in epochconfig.hpp to auto-lock storages on server start
  • Added optional safe variant with less Load than the normal Safe "ItemSafe_s"
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