A jQuery tutorial plugin for every web page
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A jQuery tutorial plugin for any web page.

Demo: http://epstone.github.com/on-screen-help/demo/ #Installation Include script after the jQuery library and add the stylesheet

<script src="/path/to/jquery.on-screen-help.js"></script> 
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/path/to/jquery.on-screen-help.css" />


		// required step settings -->
		selector : "#preamble", // [string] selector for element to be highlighted
		description : "Speech bubble text", // [string] text for description box, you can also use html setting instead
		// optional step settings -->
		caption: "Some Label", // [string] caption for clickable zone
		navCaption: "Navigation button caption", // [string] if not provided auto-numbered
		html : "<div> use either description or html</div>", // [string] html for description box
		padding: "all", // [string] Respect padding: "none" (default), "all", or a combination of top, right, bottom, left
		position: "bottom", // [string] position of the speech bubble. top, left, bottom or right
		startWith: true, // [boolean] this should be the step to start with
		scrollTo : undefined, // [boolean] scroll the the target element (overwrites global setting if set)
		runBefore: function(){}, // [function] runs before activating the step
		runAfter: function(){} // [function] runs when the step gets deactivated
		// next step...
	// global options
	scrollAlways : true, // allways scroll to the next / prev step, can be overwritten through step's setting (default => true)
	hideKeyCode : 27, // close button key (default => 27)
	allowEventPropagation : true //(default => true)