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2018-08-04 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Add comments field to split transaction dialog
2018-07-22 Nils VAN ZUIJLEN <>
* Added translations for French
2018-06-20 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix value field conversion with dollar sign
2018-06-12 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix last date in yearly assets and liabilities bar chart hover info
2018-06-10 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix categories comparison report description selection list
* Fix Qt Charts < 5.7.0 compability
2018-06-09 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Use html instead of the json data, which has not been for a month
2018-06-08 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Never show more than nine slices in pie chart and combine very small category posts
* Set spacing between bars to half the bar width (unless many bars in groups)
* Reverse order of horizontal bar chart
* Many minor chart fixes/improvements (especially without Qt Charts)
2018-06-07 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Add new default chart theme
* Use the same color for all bars in categories comparison bar chart, show x-axis labels,
and remove vertical bar chart
* Use budgeted values for more over time chart data
* Allow user to set last month for yearly value in over time chart
* Sort categories and accounts using total value and hide categories with zero value in charts
* Yearly "Assets and Liabilies" bars
* Add "Edit Account" button to ledger
* Show incomes and expenses in profit report
2018-06-04 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Alternative to show all accounts separately in the same over time chart
* Disable "Close Account" for accounts with no associated transactions
2018-06-03 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Account filter in charts and reports
* Assets & Liabilities in over time report
2018-05-17 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Add flags to currency lists
2018-04-26 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Allow value field conversion using $, £, €, ¥, and local currency symbol, even if not default currency
2018-04-15 Fabian Wolff <>
* Remove deprecated Encoding key from the .desktop file
* Bump DocBook version
2018-04-01 Fabian Wolff <>
* Fix spelling errors involving "recurrance" and "occurrance"
2018-02-03 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Case insensitive descriptions and payees in charts report
2018-02-01 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Cloud synchronization
2018-01-14 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Annual total for over time chart
2018-01-13 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Restore possibility to specify payee/payer for each separate transaction in a split transaction
2018-01-09 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix debt payment value edits behavior
2018-01-06 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Include subcategories in over time report
* Option to merge changes when saving a file that has been modified after saving/loading
* Id, first revision and last revision transaction, account and security properties,
and revision and last id file properties
2017-12-30 Hanna Knutsson <>
* "All payees/payers" in categories comparison report
2017-12-27 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Only assume negative income/expense if the category is defined in the QIF file
2017-12-18 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix editing of transfer part of split transaction
* Fix split transaction account selection when joining transfers
* Set split values from input fields when clicking "Edit..." in a transactions view
* Fix segfault on export of transaction with multiple accounts/payments
2017-12-17 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Allow account creation from loan payment dialog
* Update logic for when confirm schedule dialog is shown or transaction is automatically
added when scheduled transaction is added/edited
2017-12-15 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Allow account creation from edit security dialog
2017-12-15 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Allow security creation from security transactions dialog
2017-12-14 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Remember state of set quote checkbox
* Fix segfault on edit multiple transactions from ledger
* Show statistics for selection in ledger
* Calculate average balance correctly
2017-12-13 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Set last used category/account for new transaction dialogs
* Ledger popup menu
* Add warning message to adjust balance dialog
2017-12-09 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Reconciliation
2017-12-08 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Ledger list header popup menu to show/hide type, account/category, payee/payer and comments columns
* Revised reinvested dividends
2017-10-26 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix sum in categories comparison report with subcategories
* Fix categories comparison chart for incomes with subcategories
2017-10-24 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix "All Incomes, without subcategories" in categories comparison chart
2017-10-23 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix crash when trying to create new debt payment without any debt (possible fix for issue #33)
* Do not allow zero value for new loan
2017-10-18 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix account value when joining transactions with different accounts
2017-10-16 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Add close account menu item and add extra warning text in delete account dialog (related to issue #32)
2017-10-11 Hanna Knutsson <>
* List income/expense categories for shares bough/sold in addition to accounts
* Manual completed
2017-10-10 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Check for new versions
2017-10-09 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Exchange rates from (more than 100 additional currencies)
2017-10-08 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Eqonomize! file import alternatives for duplicates handling
* Fix assets and liabilities line chart months
* Set black text color for line chart hover box
* Set currency in budget edit field to main currency
* Use parent category of subcategory as default parent when creating new account from context menu
2017-10-05 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix crash when account with associated transactions is remove
2017-10-04 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Do not allow negative debt value in new loan dialog
2017-09-04 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix new currency does not appear in the currency converter after application reopened (part of issue #27)
* Fix new currency dialog reopens when creating new currency from set main currency dialog
2017-07-21 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Support for parentheses for calculation in input fields
2017-07-20 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Show statistics for selected transactions (if more than one is selected)
2017-07-07 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Batch editing of date and payee/payer of split transactions
* CSV import dialog layout fixes
* Fix import of expenses from CSV files with separate columns for cost and income
2017-07-05 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix reading of negative values and values beginning with decimal separator during CSV import
* Fix the CSV import date/number format dialog
* Fix import of expenses when importing all types of transactions from CSV file
* Fix reading of year with less than four digits in CSV or QIF file
2017-06-25 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Remove blank space at beginning and end of payee/payer, comments, etc.
2017-06-01 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix payee lost when split transaction copied (affects scheduled split transactions)
2017-05-21 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix account list html export (and print preview)
2017-04-25 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Italicize scheduled transactions in expenses, incomes and transactions lists
2017-04-07 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Security transactions enhancements and fixes
2017-04-02 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Account drag and drop fixes
2017-03-23 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Import/merge Eqonomize! files
2017-03-21 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Add timestamp property for transactions to be able to consistently sort transactions in the order they were added
2017-03-21 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Artithmetic expression and currency conversion in input fields (spin boxes)
* Currency converter
* "Associated file" transaction property
2017-03-18 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Support multiple currencies
2017-01-25 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix text editing in filter, reset selection on filtering and focus description entry when changing edit/filter tab
2016-09-30 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix text colors and background of top level items in account tree
* Enhance visibility of icons with dark theme
2016-09-06 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix yearly recurrence
2016-09-05 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix and enhance exceptions dialog
2016-09-01 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix include subcategories in filtering and remove the button for transfers and when extra properties is disabled (for improved layout)
* Remove quantity from incomes edit
* Add tooltip to description and quantity
* Fix not all transactions being listed in confirm schedule dialog
2016-08-29 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix charts withput extra properties
* Fix charts without QtCharts
2016-08-25 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix value column in multi-account transaction dialog
* Fix multiple duplicate completion items when removing, than adding transaction with unique description
* Use extra properties by default
2016-08-24 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Place "All" last in export QIF dialog account combo (it is not a appropriate default option)
* Common payee/payer for multi item transactions
2016-08-21 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Import/export sub categories from/to QIF files
2016-08-16 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Import sub categories, payees and quantity from CSV files
2016-08-15 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Autocomplete transaction also when selecting category or payee
2016-08-14 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Loans, multi account transactions, scheduled split transactions, debt payments, etc.
* Bold summary/parent items with icons in account view
2016-07-08 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Export transactions to CSV file with a more compatible number format
2016-07-06 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Assets over time chart
* Show expenses as negative values in stacked bar chart for incomes and expenses
2016-07-05 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Completely remove dependency on Qt Xml by using QXmlStreamWriter instead of QDom*
* Colors for securities
2016-07-04 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Create new account/category from selection combo box
* Fix crash when deleting all transactions with a particular description and then adding a new
* Colored values in lists
* Do not show negative values in pie chart and hide zero values in category comparison charts
* Add missing label in edit expense category dialog
* Set minimum width for empty lists
2016-07-03 Hanna Knutsson <>
* New Chart types
2016-07-02 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Custom budget month start
2016-07-01 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Use QtCharts
2016-06-29 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Subcategories
* New Icons
2016-06-28 Hanna Knutsson <>
* File backups
* Backup frequency option
2016-06-27 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix copying to backup '~' file (remove existing file first)
2016-06-26 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Move cursor to day in dates
2016-06-25 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Move from QDom* in Qt Xml to QXmlStreamReader
2016-06-23 Hanna Knutsson <>
* List layout enhancements and save/restore state of lists
* Simplify and enhance EqonomizeValueEdit (restrictions of KDoubleSpinBox removed)
2016-06-22 Hanna Knutsson <>
* New icons
* File save handling fixes
2016-06-21 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix csv import of categories
* Decimals in quotations option and set default decimals in shares from previous securities
* Make chart and report non-modal again
* Initialize locale to fix number of decimal signs and currency placement
2016-06-20 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Print preview
2016-06-19 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Chart/report dialog layout enhancements
* Max 10 descriptions in categories chart and 6 items in over time chart
2016-06-18 Hanna Knutsson <>
* New Icons
2016-06-16 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Remove all KDE dependencies and use qmake instead of CMake
2016-06-14 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Make sure save filename ends with ".eqz"
* Fix "scheduled operations don't go further than next year if range is other than 'no end'"
* Search whole description and payer/payee when filtering and add exact match option
2014-07-21 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Restore remote file access
2014-07-11 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Port to Qt 5 and KDE Framework 5
* Minor accumulated enhancements and fixes
2009-07-03 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix transaction not added on date edit enter (missing signal)
* Fix csv export (change text/x-csv to text/csv)
2008-11-12 Hanna Knutsson <>
* KDE4 version commited
2008-03-04 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix mysterious crash when two scheduled transactions have the same date and description
2007-08-20 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix saving of weekly recurrence
2007-07-30 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix positive net result of split transaction displayed in wrong column
2007-05-04 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix calculation of scheduled transactions after a scheduled transaction has been confirmed
* Fix calculation of scheduled transaction after the date has changed to before the current date
* Sort scheduled transactions list after date changes
* Fix security transaction joining
2007-03-30 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Allow user to select initial period
* Do not limit sold shares to current number of shares
* Fixes for the new value input widget
2007-03-29 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Keep permissions of exisiting files
2007-03-28 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Make it possible to join security transactions and add ability to create new security transaction from edit split dialog
* Do not require a selected security to be able to create a security transaction and make it possible to change security from edit transaction dialogs
* Execute different actions when double clicking on security row depending on clicked column
2007-03-26 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Future statistics in over time chart
2006-11-28 Hanna Knutsson <>
* New value input with support for zero decimals
2006-11-27 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Spanish and Italian translations
* Update French translations
* Some bug fixes
2006-10-22 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix "Edit..." button for split transaction in list
* Show extra properties when editing transaction from split transaction edit dialog
2006-10-07 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Reset quantity to 1.0
2006-09-19 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix balancing
2006-09-03 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Manual updates
* Minor polishing
2006-09-02 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Updated icons
2006-09-01 Hanna Knutsson <>
* German translation (Martin F. Hohenberg <>, Elias Probst <>)
* Update for autoconf 2.6
* Fix de.po
2006-08-27 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Miscellaneous fixes
* Postpone option in confirm schedule dialog
* Manual updates
* Close confirm schedule dialog if no transactions are left
2006-08-22 Hanna Knutsson <>
* QIF export fixes
* Handle non-standard (local) QIF type names
* Fix QIF import and export of splits
* Update Swedish translation
* Updated french translation (Jérôme Rapinat <>, Antoine Rodriguez <>)
* Minor fixes and polishing
2006-08-21 Hanna Knutsson <>
* QIF import of securities
* Securities type "Other"
* QIF export
* Require unique and non-empty names for accounts of the same type
* Fix crash when selecting initial balance item in ledger dialog
* Fix and extend date update when current date changes
2006-08-20 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Enhanced splits
* Join and split up actions
* Enhanced account ledger
* Possibility to specify price of share separately, so the total cost/income can include fees
* Add quantity input to refund/repayment dialog
* Add percents to legend texts and decrease margins in categories comparison chart
* QIF import of splits
2006-08-19 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Splits
2006-08-18 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Add comments entry to refund/repayment dialog
2006-08-17 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Refunds and repayments
* Enhanced date and number format handling for csv import
* Enhanced QIF import
* Ask save on quit (use close() instead of kapp->quit())
2006-08-16 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Update securities when account has been deleted
* Auto-save with crash recovery
* Fix crash when removing account with security transactions
* Backup on save
* Add do not ask again option to save? dialog on exit
* Revert menu item
2006-08-15 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Continue QIF import work
* Account ledger dialog
* Fix balancing crash when to date is in the same month as but before current date
* Switch securities and accounts period to date to current date if date changes and to date was current date
* Fix move to account selection
2006-08-14 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Update change column when transaction added or changed
* Fix changing date of transaction with future date
2006-08-13 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Work on QIF import begun
* Updated french translation (Jérôme Rapinat <>)
* French manual (Jérôme Rapinat <>)
* Use pow(10, x) instead of exp10(x)
* Fix crash with no from date in accounts view and empty (or no) accounts
2006-08-11 Hanna Knutsson <>
* French translation (Jérôme Rapinat <>)
* Alternative for credit and debit in different columns
* Auto first row option for csv import
* More flexible value and date reading in csv file
* Miscellaneous...
2006-08-08 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Begin documentation
* Add option to show Profits line in over time chart
2006-08-07 Hanna Knutsson <>
* i18n fixes
* Finish Swedish translation
2006-08-04 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Fix calculation of remaining budget when from date is after current date
* Display as previous budget result the result for the month before selected month
2006-08-03 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Use button menus for period selection, schedule buttons, and security transactions
* Move next/previous year/month buttons up in accounts view
* Payees/payers for over time chart
2006-08-02 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Change focus order to put quantity after value
* Call layout() for KButtonBox
2006-07-31 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Use quantity instead of count
* Replace "Daily" with "Average" statistic
* Fix resizing issues
* More flexible reports
2006-07-30 Hanna Knutsson <>
* More flexible charts
* Optional Payee/Payer and Quantity parameters for expenses/incomes
2006-07-29 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Budget edit tab in accounts view
* Select period combo
* By default set to date to current date
* Lots more...
2006-07-27 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Normally do not show incomplete months (possibly first and current) in development over time report
* Ability to set budget separately for each month
* Budget account property for accounts
* Show budgeted value (if greater than scheduled transactions) for future value and change of accounts
2006-07-26 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Add option to compare accounts in categories comparison chart
2006-07-25 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Work around Hebrew, Hijri and Jalali addMonths() bug
* Check length of month names
* Fix calculation of total change for securities accounts
* Fix checking of todays schedule
2006-07-24 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Change name to Eqonomize!
* Make report and chart dialogs non-modal
* Month selector instead of date edit for over time chart
* Only confirm scheduled transactions occurring the current date if time is after 18.00
* Some bug and tweaks fixes
2006-07-23 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Categories comparison chart
* Over time chart
* Don't use "words" in date picker popup as future dates is not very useful
2006-07-22 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Use KCalenderSystem everywhere and avoid assumptions based on the gregorian calendar
* Add some more valid recurrence checks
* Security trade (buy and sell in the same transaction)
2006-07-21 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Use comma as delimiter and put values in quotes, when saving csv file
* Import of CSV files
2006-07-20 Hanna Knutsson <>
* "Development Over Time" and "Categories Comparison" reports
2006-07-19 Hanna Knutsson <>
* Add daily average to transactions statisitcs
* Printing