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Incremental backup tool for MongoDB ##Overview

Tayra can be viewed as an external and persistent oplog that is stored on the file system instead of residing within MongoDB. The files generated can then be used to restore the data incrementally to any target MongoDB instance, which can be injected into a replica set in case of any event that threatens the availability of service.

  • Features Summary
  • Selective Restore
  • Selective Backup
  • Rotating Logs in backup and restore
  • Surviving node crash in a replica set
  • Secured and unsecured backup/restore
  • Analyse documents to restore using Dry Run


Binary Distributions

Download from here.

Build Info

We are using Gradle 1.11 for our builds. You can download it here Please do not checkin Eclipse or Intellij or any IDE specific files. For Idea or Eclipse they can be generated using

  • gradle eclipse
  • gradle idea

Project Versioning

We will be following JBoss Versioning Convention

  • major.minor.micro.Alpha[n]
  • major.minor.micro.Beta[n]
  • major.minor.micro.CR[n] Please refer to AppConfig.groovy - a single place of change for all the project get


Tayra is licensed under the terms of the FreeBSD License


This product is developed using IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.4 Ultimate Edition under free open source license granted by JetBrains


Latest release 0.8.2-Beta3 is a bug fix release for issue# 3 - backup failed on fields with binary data

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