A logging library designed with operations in mind.
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How to get it

This library is available as a gradle dependency via Jcenter:


A support library is also available, which has extra features for testing your code that uses logging, and a tool to generate documentation. Production code should not depend on the support library.


Using Maven?

If you use maven, here are the dependency declarations you should use:



Not using Jcenter already?

For maven, see this guide: https://bintray.com/bintray/jcenter#

For gradle, just add this snippet to your build script:

repositories {  


For now, the best documentation is the sample-usage project in this repository. More (and better!) documentation is coming soon.

Getting started with the source code

This project is built with Gradle. We use a feature called the "gradle wrapper" that will automatically install Gradle if you don't have it already. You can generate an IDE template by typing ./gradlew cleanIdea idea from the command line. This will generate project files for Intellij IDEA. Build the project and run all unit tests by typing ./gradlew ci. You can get information on other tasks by typing ./gradlew tasks.

Note that this software requires Java 8.