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base fork: EqualMedia/dojo
base: bcdbeaba10
head fork: EqualMedia/dojo
compare: d366e2aeb8
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  1. +11 −1 on.js
12 on.js
@@ -105,7 +105,17 @@ define(["./has!dom-addeventlistener?:./aspect", "./_base/kernel", "./has"], func
return addListener(target, type, listener, dontFix, matchesTarget);
var touchEvents = /^touch/;
- function addListener(target, type, listener, dontFix, matchesTarget){
+ function addListener(target, type, _listener, dontFix, matchesTarget){
+ var listener = _listener;
+ if(typeof on.handleError === "function"){
+ listener = function(){
+ try{
+ return _listener.apply(this, arguments);
+ }catch(err){
+ on.handleError(err);
+ }
+ };
+ }
// event delegation:
var selector = type.match(/(.*):(.*)/);
// if we have a selector:event, the last one is interpreted as an event, and we use event delegation

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