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[Discontinued] FTP client for Brackets code editor.
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assets cleanup Jan 28, 2017
docs instructions Jan 11, 2017
htmlContent dialogs Jan 15, 2017
modules Dialogs improvements Jan 15, 2017
nls oops here's right way to add language pack lol Mar 3, 2017
node Fix broken Markdown headings Apr 18, 2017
src cleanup Jan 28, 2017
.gitignore mdi Jan 27, 2017 Update Jan 19, 2017 meh Jan 11, 2017 Update Apr 30, 2017
main.js Dialogs improvements Jan 15, 2017
package.json bump version Jan 12, 2017
strings.js final touches Jan 10, 2017

Unfortunately I'm no longer able to support this project. I tried to give it a second wind but I guess it just didn't work out.
You're free to use it and make changes to it.

Thank you to everyone who supported this project and to everyone who used it.