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Bash Script for OpenStack Swift Installation
Python Shell
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Author: Eranachandran

Mail :

Website :

Date : 05-08-2019

Description: This bash script will install the Stein version of OpenStack with the keystone,Swift and Horizon Services

Script type - Ubuntu Shell Script


#Conf directory contains the preconfigured config files of the services. If you change the values of the variable in the bash script you should reflect the changes in preconfigured files.

#admin-openrc and demo-openrc contains preconfigured credentials if there are any changes in credentials, these files should be updated

Script Usage Download and execute Source Code by as follows

git clone

cd Bash-Script-for-OpenStack-Swift-Installation

bash <object_storage_disk_name>

Example: sdc

Note: <object_storage_disk_name> is, the disk where you want install object storage

This Script is tested with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

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