Use the Eloquent ORM from Laravel in your Erdiko app
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Use the Eloquent ORM from Laravel in your Erdiko app

Eloquent is a great ORM that uses the active record pattern.

You can use this to easily add Eleoquent to your erdiko app

To install via composer

composer require erdiko/eloquent

How to Use

In order to use Eloquent in your framework you can do one of the following

  1. Require in the bootstrap file (/app/appstrap.php) and Eloquent is available on all pages/routes
    require_once VENDOR.'/erdiko/eloquent/src/bootstrap.php';
  1. Lazy load Eloquent by having your models extend the erdiko\eloquent\Model class instead of the \Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model class
    class Users extends erdiko\eloquent\Model { }
  1. Lazy load using traits; Create a base model and
    class BaseModel extends \Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model {
        use \erdiko\eloquent\EloquentTraits;

Remember you only need to pick one scheme above, no need for all three. #2 is probably the most convenient.


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