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The purpose of this module is to ease the generation of the file security.txt inside Digital Experience Manager. For more information about security.txt, please refer to this URL:


  • In DX, go to "Administration --> Server settings --> System components --> Modules"
  • Upload the JAR securitytxt-X.X.X.jar
  • Check that the module is started



  • Go to "Administration -> Server settings -> Web Projects"
  • Edit the site with which you want to use this module and add it to the list of the deployed modules

Edit mode

  • Go to "Edit mode -> Site settings -> Security.txt manager"
  • You can now define:
    • The security address: it will be used by people to communicate with you if they find a security issue
    • The PGP Key: a GPG/PGP public key that will be used to securely communicate with you. To generate it, please refer to this section
    • The security acknowledgements page: a page where you can thank the people having found a security issue
    • The security policy and/or disclosure policy page: a page where you explain the policy rules you're following, how the security issues have to be communicated, the perimeter of the bug bounty, etc
    • The external signature file: a GPG/PGP signature of the text file available at the address DX_URL/.well-known/security.txt. To generate it, please refer to this section


Key creation

  • Generate a key:
gpg --full-generate-key
  • Export your public key:
gpg --armor --export <EMAIL> > <EMAIL>.pub


  • Download the file security.txt on your computer thanks to the URL DX_URL/.well-known/security.txt
  • Execute the following command to generate an external signature:
gpg --output security.txt.sig --detach-sig security.txt

Check a signed document

  • Execute the following command to check the validity of the signed document
gpg --output security.txt --decrypt security.txt.sig
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