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Mac Hebrew SI 1452-2 ― מקלדת עברית לפי תקן 1452-2

A Mac keboard layout for the Israeli standard layout 1452-2 (2017); see http://mikladot.com for what's new.

Adapted from the standard MacOS Hebrew layout by Erez Volk.

Installation Instructions

קובץ ההתקנה נמצא פה

  • Download and open the installer.
  • Drag the layout to the folder saying "Drag here to install"
  • Go to System Preferences > Keyboard and add the new input source. Note that there's no need to remove your old Hebrew layout; both can coexist quite happily.

Thank you:

Comments and requests are more then welcome!

Hacking the keyboard layout can also be nice―there are a couple of unused keys just waiting for your favorite characters...

If you're feeling really adventurous, check out my own slightly modified version.

Erez Volk, April 2018