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This is final code for Tuts+ course Django Unchained

Django Unchained

In this course, join me, Christopher Roach, as I walk you through the creation of a simple Hacker News clone. Along the way, you’ll learn all the basics, including working with views, templates, the ORM, and even some of the more powerful features of the framework, like setting up the admin app and handling AJAX calls. When you finish this course, you’ll have absolutely everything you need to get started developing your own web sites and applications!

Lesson 1:



Lesson 2:


virtualenv & virtualenvwrapper

Lesson 3:

Writing Hello World app

Writing your first Django app

Lesson 4:

Models, authentication and db

How to create and choose propriety models filed
User authentication in Django
Create and setup database dbshell - manage database tables

Lesson 5:

DataBase query

Django Field Lookups (get, set, filter & etc.)

Lesson 6:

Djando Admin panel view

Django Admin setup
Modify model view
Model meta options

Lesson 7-9:

Visual Representation (Views)

Managing static files
Build General view
Collect static files for deployment

Lesson 10:


Django forms Docs
Howto make a form

Lesson 11:


Howto make auth

Lesson 12:

Voting(Ajax Requests)

Howto make voting
Ajax CSRF avoiding

Lesson 13:

Flexible urls

Replace hardcoded urls