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This is my solutions for each lesson of Udacity "Data Wrangling with MongoDB" course.


Lesson 1: Data Extraction Fundamentals

Assessing the Quality of Data

Intro to Tabular Formats

Parsing CSV

Parsing XLS with XLRD

Intro to JSON

Using Web APIs

Lesson 2: Data in More Complex Formats

Intro to XML XML Design Principles

Parsing XML

Web Scraping

Parsing HTML

Lesson 3: Data Quality

What is Data Cleaning?

Sources of Dirty Data

Measuring Data Quality

A Blueprint for Cleaning

Auditing Validity

Auditing Accuracy

Auditing Completeness

Auditing Consistency

Auditing Uniformity

Lesson 4: Working with MongoDB

Data Modelling in MongoDB

Introduction to PyMongo

Field Queries

Projection Queries

Getting Data into MongoDB

Using mongoimport

Operators like $gt, $lt, $exists, $regex

Querying Arrays and using $in and $all Operators

Changing entries: $update, $set, $unset

Lesson 5: Analyzing Data

Examples of Aggregation Framework

The Aggregation Pipeline

Aggregation Operators: $match, $project, $unwind, $group

Multiple Stages Using a Given Operator

Lesson 6: Case Study - OpenStreetMap Data

Using iterative parsing for large datafiles

Open Street Map XML Overview

Exercises around OpenStreetMap data

Final Project Instructions