Objective-C wrapper for the VKontakte social network API
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The EBVKAPI allows you to simplify dealing with the VKontakte social network by sending some requests to an API server. It's may work in two mods:

  • block-based
    Supports callback blocks. Like a:

    [api_request sendRequestWithToken: token   
                                      asynchronous: NO   
                                andCallbackBlock: ^(NSDictionary *server_response, NSError *error) {  
    if (server_return) {  
        NSLog(@"Step 1. Hello, %@ (id%@)! How you doing?",   
              [[server_response objectForKey:@"response"]   objectForKey:@"user_name"], token.mid);   
    } else {  
        print_request_error(error, [api_request methodName]);  
  • non-block based (for Mac OS X < 10.6, iOS < 4.0)
    Uses EBVKAPIResponse class object to provide a server response.

version 0.4 2011, eric_bro eric.broska@me.com


You can take a look at the example application named ebvkapi_testapp which just show up a current user's name; In a header you'll see three #defines:

#define APP_ID        @""  
#define USER_EMAIL    @""  
#define USER_PASSWORD @""  

Here you have to set your own values. If you haven't got an application ID - don't hesitate to use my 2719681 as well.


  • EBVKAPIToken
    Stores you login information for using with API-requests;
  • EBVKAPIRequest Performs requests to an API server;
    Automatically parse a server response ( in JSON format only, using JSONKitby John Engelhart) to NSDictionary object;
  • EBVKAPIResponse
    Simple wrapper-object for a raw server response or error code;
    (using with non-blocks based methods of EBVKAPIRequest)