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How Important is Importance Sampling for Deep Budgeted training?

Official Pytorch implementation of our BMVC 2021 paper How Important is Importance Sampling for Deep Budgeted training?




The following command provides details on each of the arguments of the code:

$ python --h

The most relevant are the following:

  • --budget: computational budget of the experiment (fraction of the iterations allowed per epoch)
  • --method: approach to importance sampling (SGD, p-SGD, c-SGD, unif-SGD, or selective_backpropagation)
  • --augmentation: data augmentation technique (standard, ricap, mixup, or randaugment)


The file contain examples of how to run the experiments in each of the datasets and with different data augmentation techniques. All the datasets are automatically downloaded, except mini-ImageNet that has to be manually created and placed in the folder ./data (follow this link to download and create mini-ImageNet).


These are the most relevant dependencies to replicate our experiments:

  • torch == 1.0.0
  • numpy == 1.19.1
  • torchvision == 0.2.1


We would like to thank [1] SelectiveBackprop for the implementation of their approach to importance sampling "Selective Backpropagation" and [2] RICAP, [3] mixup, and [4] RandAugment for the implementation of the data augmentation techniques used in our code.

[1] Angela H. Jiang, Daniel L.-K. Wong, Giulio Zhou, David G. Andersen, Jeffrey Dean, Gregory R. Ganger, Gauri Joshi, Michael Kaminksy, Michael Kozuch, Zachary C. Lipton, Padmanabhan Pillai, "Accelerating Deep Learning by Focusing on the Biggest Losers", in arXiv preprint arXiv:1910.00762, 2019

[2] Ryo Takahashi, Takashi Matsubara, Kuniaki Uehara, "RICAP: Data Augmentation using Random Image Cropping and Patching for Deep CNNs", in IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 2019

[3] Hongyi Zhang, Moustapha Cisse, Yann Dauphin, David Lopez-Paz, "mixup: Beyond Empirical Risk Minimization", in the International Conference on Representation Learning (ICLR), 2018

[4] Ekin D. Cubuk, Barret Zoph, Jonathon Shlens, Quoc V. Le, "RandAugment: Practical automated data augmentation with a reduced search space", in the Conference on Vision andd Patern Recognition (CVPR), 2020

Please consider citing the paper if you find this work useful:

  title = {How Important is Importance Sampling for Deep Budgeted training?},
  author = {Eric Arazo and Diego Ortego and Paul Albert and Noel E O'Connor and Kevin McGuinness},
  booktitle={British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC)},


Official implementation of "How Important is Importance Sampling for Deep Budgeted Training?"






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