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Releases: EricBerendsen/dvbinspector

Version 1.18.0

03 Jul 10:00
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Release date: 3/07/2023

  • added: support for h.266 (VVC) parsing
  • added: labels for Satellite Access Tables PID and table_id
  • added: VVCVideoDescriptor
  • added: table view for NIT with services per network
  • added: multiple detail views per node
  • updated: versions of DVB identifiers and OUI list (thanks to lebernie)

Version 1.17.0

12 Nov 21:55
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This release requires Java 17 or newer!

  • improved: faster loading of simple private sections. Thanks to Alen Vrečko
  • added: AVS3VideoDescriptor and AVS3 components and stream type. Thanks to Paul Higgs
  • added: option to save teletext pages and services as .t42 file
  • added: parsing of SMPTE2038. Thanks to Loïc Bienvenu
  • added: documentation on how to add a parser. Thanks to Loïc Bienvenu
  • added: AlternativeTransferCharacteristicsSei_message. Thanks to Loïc Bienvenu
  • added: some Canal+ International private descriptors
  • added: jump to tree location from htmlView for EIT, cc_errors
  • added: list of packetNo's of continuity errors
  • improved: list of packets for PID now shows actual packetNo in range [..]
  • added: accelerator keys for tabbed panes (Alt-1 .. Alt-5)
  • fixed: Wrong TSID in BAT
  • added: Recent Files Menu
  • added: JPEG-XS descriptor, decoding of JPEG-XS elementary stream header. Thanks to Simon Provost

Version 1.16.1 bug fix

28 Jan 22:01
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Fixed dependencies in dvb.bat and files

Version 1.16

23 Jan 12:28
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Release date: 23/01/2022

•added: interpreting PSI tables based on tableID
•added: support for stuffing sections
•added: support for TSDT (Transport stream description table)
•added: DTG ServiceAttributeDescriptor
•added: ServiceAvailabilityDescriptor
•added: Option to show timestamps as seconds.uuu instead of hh:mm:ss.uuu
•updated: dependencies like opencsv, jfreechart, etc.
•fixed: bug in original network id of the TransportProtocolDescriptor
•fixed: bug when getting the objectInfo data in BIOPFileMessage
•fixed: missing fields in TerrestrialDeliverySystemDescriptor

Version 1.15.0

31 Jan 17:46
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This release requires Java 11 or newer!

added: support for AC-4
added: display preroll time on splice_time for SCTE-35
added: copy/save buttons to TableView
fixed: fastscan ONT detection checks for originalNetworkId not actual
added: fastscan M7 Nagra_brandID_descriptor
added: support for SlHdrInfo in UserDataRegisteredItuT35Sei_message
added: support for ST2094-10_data in AuxData
changed: java version to 11
fixed: VPS day/country decoding (Thanks to Stefan Pöschel)
fixed: support for UTF-8 ISO/IEC10646-1
extended: implementation of PES Header, including support for AD_descriptor in PES_private_data

Version 1.14.0

17 Oct 20:51
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added: support for TTML
added: NVOD_reference_descriptor
added: time_shifted_event_descriptor
added: more detail for EIT Events
added: TableView for TOT(sections)
improved: EIT event HTMLView to group by language
fixed: labeling PIDs whem multiple versions PMTSection present

Version 1.13.0

31 May 17:39
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added: Tableview for several PSI tables
updated: lookup files for DVB identifiers, like original_network_id, ca_system_id, etc.
updated: oui list
updated: dependencies like opencsv, jfreechart, etc.
fixed: handling of CA_Descriptor in component descriptors
fixed: EIT View not complete when spanning multiple tableIds
improved: show table specific labels in treeview instead of table_id_extension

Version 1.12.0

02 May 10:21
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Release 1.12.0