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Flash/AS2/AS3 to Haxe conversion scripts.
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An AS3 to Haxe conversion script.

AS3Haxe is an excellent tool that does more than this program does. However, it also can introduce subtle bugs in the code that cannot be detected until run-time. When this program was designed, the intent was to do most of the boilerplate conversion of AS3 sources to Haxe sources, and leave logic conversions to humans instead. While this project doesn't do as much, it only does things that cannot introduce errors. (At least that's the hope!)

For the most part, this program is a simple pattern replacement tool. Things like :Number => :Float, and Vector.<Int> => Vector<Int>;. For certain things, it will introduce a new import statement. You can find and extend the patterns in the file. If you create some useful new patterns, please submit a pull request or open an issue.

How to contact the maintainer:



This tool is implemented in Java. Therefore, you must have Java 8 or later installed.

Running the program:

Usage: flaxe.jar <base-src-folder> <base-dest-folder> <folder> <action>


  • <base-src-folder> is the root directory of the project (or sub-project) to convert.
  • <base-dest-folder> is the root directory where the conversion results should be placed.
  • <folder> is the directory to convert. All .as source files inside of this directory will be processed.
  • <action> is one of copy, convert:
    • copy means to rename source files and copy them to the destination folder, but do not do any conversion of the contents.
    • convert means to rename source files and copy them to the destination folder while replacing recognized patterns with Haxe replacements.

The program will refuse to run if the <base-dest-folder> exists prior to start. There is currently no functionality to merge directories or detect file collisions.

Doing a conversion run:

The general command line will be similar to this:

java -jar flaxe.jar D:\Sandbox\MyProject\Source\FlashX\ D:\Sandbox\MyProject\Source\Haxe\ Source copy

from which we build the full src-folder: D:\Sandbox\MyProject\Source\FlashX\Source

and full dest-folder: D:\Sandbox\MyProject\Haxe\Source

The idea is that it's easier to modify the actual module being converted by replacing "Source" without having to keep updating two paths which are unlikely to change. This should make it easier to create a wrapper script for your specific project.


This project is built using gradle. If you have gradle installed, you may build using the gradlew assemble. The output jar will be under your project directory in the build\libs\flaxe.jar file.

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