@EricBishton EricBishton released this Feb 6, 2018 · 104 commits to master since this release

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0.12.ebishton-FT1 (Eric Bishton, Feature Test)

  • Split 'lime test' into 'lime update; lime build' and 'lime run', for Make and Run/Debug tasks.
  • Add comment region folding. (Issue HaxeFoundation#529)
  • Add brace folding for classes, methods, etc.
  • Add folding for imports and usings.
  • Add folding for compiler conditionals (#if, etc.)
  • Fixed a number of NPEs in the ProjectUpdater.
  • Add enums from the current file completion suggestion lists.
  • Fixed the resolution order for imports vs. package. (Issue HaxeFoundation#741)
  • Fixed inability to resolve enum parameter symbols at case statement. (Issue HaxeFoundation#351)
  • Dropped support for IDEA versions 14 and 15.
  • Internal: Began refactoring the resolver. New models are introduced.
  • Changed "static variable override" to a weak warning, instead of a regular warning.
  • Imports handling has been refactored.
  • Allow @:meta without parens.
  • Properly parse variable declarations in return statements. (Issue HaxeFoundation#329)
  • Fixed parsing of 'throw' statements within a ternary expression. (Issue HaxeFoundation#704)
  • Allow all string literal forms as field identifiers in structures. (Issue HaxeFoundation#662)