the coder’s starter kit: sound, animation, video, messaging in a low-key ruby environment.
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 . Hackety Hack .
 . for Mac OS X, Windows XP/Vista, and Linux .

 Hackety Hack is a programming starter kit. It's an editor
 with helpful coding tools and built-in messaging (so you can
 pass scripts to friends easily.)

 . Building Hackety Hack .

 If you are an advanced user (familiar with C and Ruby,) you
 may enjoy helping out with H-ety H.

 With Shoes installed, you can checkout the source code and
 start things up like so:

   $ git clone 
   $ cd hacketyhack
   $ shoes h-ety-h.rb

 If you want to build Hackety Hack as a standalone app
 with the installer for your platform:

   $ git clone 
   $ git clone 
   $ cd shoes
   $ rake APP=../hacketyhack VIDEO=1
   $ rake APP=../hacketyhack installer

 There is no installer for Linux, bear in mind.

 . Acknowledgements .

 Beneath my wings are many winds.
 :: Yukihiro Matsumoto, whose Ruby language
    is the heart of Hackety Hack. I adore
    this language. Ruby's shared lib and stdlib
    are included under the terms of the Ruby

 :: Sharon Rosner for the Sequel lib
    I use a fork from an old version.

 :: Jamis Buck for the Syntax lib.
    Live syntax highlighting.

 :: Alex Brem for help on bloopsaphone.
    He just started hacking away. I like that!

 :: Numerous font authors whose free
    offerings are included. I need to
    assemble a list...