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(ns pail-fressian.example
[clj-pail.core :as pl]
[pail-cascalog.core :as pcas]
[byte-streams :as bs]
[ :as fress])
(:use cascalog.api)
(:import [pail-fressian FressianPailStructure]))
;; data
(defn person-property [id property]
^{:type ::PersonProperty}
{:id id :property property})
(defn first-name [name]
^{:type ::FirstName}
{:first_name name})
(defn last-name [name]
^{:type ::LastName}
{:last_name name})
(defn location [{:keys [address city county state country zip]}]
^{:type ::Location}
{:address address :city city :county county :state state :country country :zip zip})
(defn friendshipedge [id1 id2]
^{:type ::friendshipedge}
{:id1 id1 :id2 id2})
(def du1-1 (person-property "123" (first-name "Eric")))
(def du1-2 (person-property "123" (last-name "Gebhart")))
(def du1-3 (person-property "123" (location {:address "1 Pack Place"
:city "Asheville"
:state "NC"})))
(def du2-1 (person-property "123" (first-name "Frederick")))
(def du2-2 (person-property "123" (last-name "Gebhart")))
(def du2-3 (person-property "123" (location {:address "1 Wall Street"
:city "Asheville"
:state "NC"})))
(def du3 ( friendshipedge "123" "abc"))
(def objectlist [du1-1 du1-2 du1-3 du2-1 du2-2 du2-3 du3])
(defn find-or-create [pstruct path & {:as create-key-args}]
"Get a pail from a path, or create one if not found"
(try (pl/pail path)
(catch Exception e
(apply pl/create (pl/spec pstruct) path (mapcat identity create-key-args)))))
(defn write-objects
"Write a list of objects to a pail"
[pail objects]
(with-open [writer (.openWrite pail)]
(doseq [o objects]
(.writeObject writer o))))
(def pail-struct (FressianPailStructure.))
(def mypail (find-or-create pail-struct "example_pail"))
; partitioner is working.
(.getTarget pail-struct du1-1)
;serializer looks right.
(.getSerializer pail-struct)
;get the serializer and serialize something.
((:serializer (.getSerializer pail-struct)) du1-1)
;the easy way.
(.serialize pail-struct du1-1)
;round trip.
(-> du1-1
;round trip with the serializer - good.
(-> du1-1
((:serializer (.getSerializer pail-struct)))
((:deserializer (.getSerializer pail-struct))))
; write them to the pail.
(write-objects mypail objectlist)
(defmapfn sprop [du]
"Deconstruct a property object"
(into [(:id du)] (vals (:property du))))
(sprop du1-1)
(sprop du1-2)
(sprop du1-3)
; set up function to get cascalog taps.
(defn prop-tap [pail-connection] (pcas/pail->tap pail-connection :attributes [["PersonProperty"]]))
(defn fn-tap [pail-connection] (pcas/pail->tap pail-connection :attributes [["PersonProperty" "FirstName"]]))
(defn ln-tap [pail-connection] (pcas/pail->tap pail-connection :attributes [["PersonProperty" "LastName"]]))
(defn loc-tap [pail-connection] (pcas/pail->tap pail-connection :attributes [["PersonProperty" "Location"]]))
(defn raw-query [pail-connection]
(let [ptap (prop-tap pail-connection)]
(??<- [?data] (ptap _ ?data))))
(defn get-names [pail-connection]
(let [fntap (fn-tap pail-connection)]
(??<- [?id ?first-name]
(fntap _ ?fn-data)
(sprop ?fn-data :> ?id ?first-name))))
(defn get-full-names [pail-connection]
(let [fntap (fn-tap pail-connection)
lntap (ln-tap pail-connection)]
(??<- [?first-name ?last-name]
(fntap _ ?fn-data)
(lntap _ ?ln-data)
(sprop ?fn-data :> ?id ?first-name)
(sprop ?ln-data :> ?id ?last-name))))
(defn get-everything [pail-connection]
(let [fntap (fn-tap pail-connection)
lntap (ln-tap pail-connection)
loctap (loc-tap pail-connection)]
(??<- [?first-name ?last-name !address !city !county !state !country !zip]
(fntap _ ?fn-data)
(lntap _ ?ln-data)
(loctap _ ?loc-data)
(sprop ?fn-data :> ?id ?first-name)
(sprop ?ln-data :> ?id ?last-name)
(sprop ?loc-data :> ?id !address !city !county !state !country !zip))))
(defn -main
"I don't do a whole lot."
(println "Hello, World!"))