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(ns clj-pail-tap.structure
"Utilities for defining Pail structures."
(:require [clj-pail.serializer :as serializer]
[clj-pail.partitioner :as partitioner]
[clj-pail-tap.tapmapper :as tapmapper]))
;; ## Generating Pail Structures
(defmacro gen-structure
"Generates a class that implements `PailStructure`. The `PailStructure`'s behavior can be
customized by providing a `Serializer` or `VerticalPartitioner`. The class will be named whatever
is provided for the `name` parameter. (It should be specified just as it would be `gen-class`.
The `Serializer` and `VerticalPartitioner` should be able to handle the object type specified by the
`:type` option or handle any type in the case that schema is being used instead of type. Type is
a java class like a thrift type, where as schema is a prismatic schema definition. The schema is
only used when creating property paths for the pail tap functions. If there is no schema, the
type is used.
### Options
`:type`: The object type that the `PailStructure` can serialize. (Defaults to a byte array.)
`:schema`: The Prismatic Schema which defines the objects being serialized, defaults to nil.
`:serializer`: An implementation of the `Serializer` protocol, which will be used to serialize and
deserialize object. (Defaults to `NullSerializer`.)
`:partitioner`: An implementation of the `VerticalPartitioner` protocol, which will be used to
vertically partition the data. (Defaults to `NullPartitioner`.)
`:tapmapper`: A function which will filter Data type property paths as generated by
pail-graph/type/property-paths returning a map of paths which correspond to the properties and
the paths they are partitioned into. Functionality is corrolated the behavior of the partitioner.
vertically partition the data. (Defaults to `NullPartitioner`.)
`:property-path-generator`: A function that will create a list of property paths for each property
in a data type or schema's property tree.
`:prefix`: Used to specify the prefix for the generated methods, just like with `gen-class`. A
prefix should be used to avoid name collisions when generating more than one class in the same
namespace. (Defaults to `\"-\"`.)
Any namespace that uses `gen-structure` should be configured to be AOT-compiled."
[the-name & {:keys [type schema serializer partitioner tapmapper property-path-generator prefix]
:or {type (class (byte-array 0))
schema nil
serializer `(serializer/null-serializer)
partitioner `(partitioner/null-partitioner)
tapmapper `(tapmapper/null-tapmapper)
property-path-generator `(tapmapper/null-path-generator)
prefix "-"}}]
:name ~the-name
:extends clj_pail.structure.AbstractPailStructure
:prefix ~prefix
:methods [[ "getTapMapper" [] Object] [ "getPropertyPathGenerator" [] Object] ["getSchema" [] Object]]
:main false)
(defn ~(symbol (str prefix "createSerializer")) [this#]
(defn ~(symbol (str prefix "createPartitioner")) [this#]
(defn ~(symbol (str prefix "getType")) [this#]
(defn ~(symbol (str prefix "getSchema")) [this#]
(defn ~(symbol (str prefix "serialize")) [this# object#]
(serializer/serialize (.getSerializer this#) object#))
(defn ~(symbol (str prefix "deserialize")) [this# buffer#]
(serializer/deserialize (.getSerializer this#) buffer#))
(defn ~(symbol (str prefix "getTarget")) [this# object#]
(partitioner/vertical-partition (.getPartitioner this#) object#))
(defn ~(symbol (str prefix "isValidTarget")) [this# dirs#]
(partitioner/valid-partition? (.getPartitioner this#) dirs#))
(defn ~(symbol (str prefix "getTapMapper")) [this#]
(defn ~(symbol (str prefix "getPropertyPathGenerator")) [this#]