sorts in parallel, using an LSD - radix sort
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This program uses an LSD radix sort and the CUDA framework to sort a series of unsigned integers. This was an assignment on Udacity's Parallel Programming course.

I experimented quite a bit for this one. The course expects you to use an LSD radix sort, but initially I built a sorting network (for individual thread blocks), then built a solution using Mergesort. The LSD version listed here is quite a bit faster.


Simply copy and paste the contents of "fullProgram.cpp" into the Udacity IDE. PLEASE do not use this if you are taking the class. I benefitted a great deal from trying many solutions, and I don't want to encourage others to skip those important steps.


This is not quite in the ballpark of the fastest solutions on Udacity---various commenters report times of around 1 millisecond. My version runs in about 6 milliseconds.


I took the basic outline of the algorithm from this paper.