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/* -*- Mode: C; tab-width: 4; c-basic-offset: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*- */
#if !defined(_slabs_h_)
#define _slabs_h_
/* slabs memory allocation */
/** Init the subsystem. 1st argument is the limit on no. of bytes to allocate,
0 if no limit. 2nd argument is the growth factor; each slab will use a chunk
size equal to the previous slab's chunk size times this factor. */
void slabs_init(const size_t limit, const double factor);
* Given object size, return id to use when allocating/freeing memory for object
* 0 means error: can't store such a large object
unsigned int slabs_clsid(const size_t size);
unsigned int slabs_chunksize(const unsigned int clsid);
/** Allocate object of given length. 0 on error */ /*@null@*/
void *do_slabs_alloc(const size_t size);
/** Free previously allocated object */
void do_slabs_free(void *ptr, size_t size);
/** Fill buffer with stats */ /*@null@*/
char* do_slabs_stats(int *buflen);
/* Request some slab be moved between classes
1 = success
0 = fail
-1 = tried. busy. send again shortly. */
int do_slabs_reassign(unsigned char srcid, unsigned char dstid);
void slabs_add_hit(void *it, int unique);
void slabs_add_eviction(unsigned int clsid);
/* Find the worst performed slab class to free one slab from it and
assign it to the best performed slab class. */
void do_slabs_rebalance();
/* 0 to turn off rebalance_interval; otherwise, this number is in seconds.
* These two functions are actually implemented in items.c.
void slabs_set_rebalance_interval(int interval);
int slabs_get_rebalance_interval();
#endif /* #if !defined(_slabs_h_) */