My intake assignment for the NHTV IGAD Game Programming study.
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#Burstin' Bubbles

##Overview This is a game with the theme "Bubbles" made for the intake for the Game Programming study at the NHTV which I will hopefully start in September 2013. It started out as a game based on economic bubbles that happened in the past. The player would travel through time to learn about how bubbles are formed and how they can be exploited. The company that sent the player wants to exploit a bubble happening in their time. Because all of this was way too much work for this assignment, I decided to make a highscore-based Shoot 'm Up in which you shoot the guards of the Future Thugs.


  • Start BurstinBubbles.exe
  • Play the game
  • If screen stays black, check if the Data-folder exists and has content.


  • Aiming - Mouse movement
  • Shooting - Left Mouse Button
  • Walking - WASD
  • Pause - Escape or P

##The process I am writing about the creation and design of this game on my blog ( I also keep track of the code with Git & GitHub (

##Sources ###Fonts