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tmaier commented Apr 1, 2013

ImageSorcery only supports -commands, but there are also some +commands, like +repage

  def convert_to_arguments(args)
    special_args = [:layer, :annotate]
    args.reject {|k, v| special_args.include?(k) }.map {|k, v| " -#{k} '#{v}'"}

I would suggest following convention: If an argument is a symbol, it is an ordinary -command. If it is a string, the user takes care of the prefix by himself.

Alternative: Convert Symbol to string, check if it has a prefix (+ or -). If not, add -

+1. I needed to construct a command like:

convert -size 100x100 xc:none \
  image_a.png -geometry +0+0 -composite \
  image_b.png -geometry +10+20 -composite \

This was possible through the current public interface, but only just. I was relying on the fact that the convert output filename isn't escaped to pass in arbitrary command strings.

Going into production like that seemed like a bad idea, and the rest of my usage of ImageSorcery in this instance was minimal, so I opted to drop the dependency and go straight to ImageMagick via Process.spawn in the calling code instead, which also prevents shell escaping issues.

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