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Eth Slots

Eth Slots is a project to demonstrate Ethereum's potential to support a gambling App, which is transparent and honest.

With traditional gambling, especially online gambling, it is impossible to be sure the machine is fair. Traditionally in electronic forms of gambling players must trust the machines, without being able to see the inner workings.

On a platform like Ethereum it is possible to create gambling apps that players can verify themselves it is fair. Anyone is free to examine the source code for the app, and confirm that program is really at the supposed address by comparing the compiled version of the code.

Eth Slots is a simple slot machine type game. I created my own currency to be used with Eth Slots, so I can become familiar with that aspect of Ethereum. Of course it would be easy to modify the code so the machine would use real Ether as its token.

To deploy this app you will need to have truffle. Use

npm install -g truffle

You will also need an Ethereum client. For testing purposes use testrpc which will create a local block chain with 0 difficulty and will mine only when there are pending transactions

npm install -g ethereumjs-testrpc

If you want to deploy to the main or testnets you will need an actual client like geth or pairity

Once you have the requirements and have downloaded and navigated to this repo run


to start a client. In a new tab type

truffle migrate

to deploy the contracts. Lastly run

truffle serve

to start the server. By default it will start from port 8080 so naviagte to localhost:8080