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  • Rails 3.1 support


  • Rails 3 support


  • Merge in xlash's bugfix for PostgreSQL and his has_karma patch for multi-model support.


  • Merge in maddox's README typo fix and his ActiveSupport.Dependency patch
  • Merge in nagybence's updates that make the code usable as a Gem in addition to being a Rails plugin.
  • Thanks for the bugfixes and proofreading, nagybence and maddox!
  • Updated the gemplugin support to be compatible with maddox and nagybence's changes.
  • Added details on the MyQuotable reference application.


  • Protect against mass assignment misvotes using attr_accessible
  • Update acts_as mixins to use instead of the deprecated


  • Added examples directory
  • Changed this file to markdown format for GitHub goodness
  • Added a commented out unique index in the migration generator for "one person, one vote"
  • Removed votes_controller.rb from lib/ and moved to examples


  • Added a generator class for the migration.
  • Implemented rails/init.rb
  • Implemented capability to use any model as the initiator of votes.
  • Implemented acts_as_voter methods.