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;* Copyright (c) ThorTech, L.L.C.. All rights reserved.
;* The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
;* GNU General Public License, version 2
;* ( with classpath
;* exception (
;* which can be found in the file GPL-2.0+ClasspathException.txt at the root
;* of this distribution.
;* By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
;* the terms of this license.
;* You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
;* Author: Eric Thorsen
(ns org.enclojure.ide.nb.editor.completion.completion-item
(:import (org.netbeans.spi.editor.completion CompletionResultSet
CompletionItem CompletionProvider CompletionDocumentation
(java.util.logging Level)
(org.netbeans.api.editor.completion Completion)
(org.netbeans.spi.editor.completion CompletionDocumentation)
( CompletionUtilities)
( AsyncCompletionQuery AsyncCompletionTask)
(org.openide.util ImageUtilities)
( URLEncoder)
(java.util Collection)
( StringReader)
(javax.swing JToolTip ImageIcon)
(javax.swing.text JTextComponent)
(java.awt.event ActionEvent KeyEvent KeyListener InputEvent ComponentEvent)
(java.awt Color Graphics Font AWTEvent))
[org.enclojure.ide.common.classpath-utils :as classpath-utils]
[org.enclojure.ide.navigator.token-nav :as token-nav]
[org.enclojure.commons.c-slf4j :as logger]
; setup logging
(defn encode-html [s]
(let [reader (StringReader. s)]
(loop [c (.read reader) buf (StringBuffer.)]
(if (= -1 c)
(str buf)
(let [cc (char c)]
(recur (.read reader)
(.append buf
(if (or (> c 127) (#{\" \< \> \&} cc))
(str "&#" c ";")
(defn accept-and-close [item search-info]
(.hideAll (Completion/get)))
(def icons {'ns "namespace.png"
'defmacro "macro.png"
'defn "function.png"
'defn- "function-private.png"
'def "var.png"
'comment "comment.png"
'defmulti "multimethod.png"
'defmethod "method.png"
(defn load-icon [s]
(let [i (icons s (icons 'def))]
(ImageUtilities/loadImage (str "org/enclojure/ide/nb/editor/resources/" i) true)))
(defn split-tags [tag]
[tag tag])
(defn format-tag [name arglists]
(str name "\t\t\t" arglists))
(defn insert-text-generic [#^JTextComponent component
(let [{:keys [start end length]} input-item]
(.remove (.getDocument component) start length)
(.insertString (.getDocument component) start
(str (:prepend-text search-info)
(:search-scope search-info)
(:search-delim search-info) new-string) nil)))
(defn insert-text-inplace [#^JTextComponent component item search-info]
(let [final-text (str (:prepend-text search-info)
; (:search-scope search-info)
; (:search-delim search-info)
(:name item))
the-doc (.getDocument component)
max-end (.getLength the-doc)
start (get-in search-info [:input :start])
end (min (get-in search-info [:input :end]) max-end)
inlen (get-in search-info [:input :length])
cpos (+ (get-in search-info [:input :start])
(count final-text))]
(.remove (.getDocument component) start inlen)
(.insertString (.getDocument component) start (str final-text "") nil)))
(defn get-final-text [item search-info]
(str (:prepend-text search-info) (:search-scope search-info)
(:search-delim search-info)
(print-str (:name item))))
(defn get-tool-tip
[{:keys [name namespace]}]
(proxy [AsyncCompletionQuery] []
(query [#^CompletionResultSet completionResultSet
#^Document document
(let [tool-tip (JToolTip.)
tag (if namespace
(str namespace "/" name)
(str name))]
(logger/info "Setting tooltip to {}" tag)
(.setTipText tool-tip tag)
(.setToolTip completionResultSet tool-tip)
(.finish completionResultSet))))))
(defn get-completion-doc
(proxy [CompletionDocumentation][]
(getText []
(let [{:keys [name namespace doc]}
(format "<span style=\"font-size:14px;font-weight:bold;color:blue;\">%s</span><br /><br />%s"
(if namespace
(str namespace "/" name) name)
(or doc ""))))
(getURL [])
(resolveLink [string])
(getGotoSourceAction [])
(defn get-doc-str
(logger/info "get-doc-str")
(proxy [AsyncCompletionQuery] []
(query [completionResultSet
#^Document document
(.setDocumentation completionResultSet
(get-completion-doc item))
(.finish completionResultSet)))))
(defn get-completion-item [item search-info]
(let [{:keys [name arglists symbol-type] :as tag} item
text (print-str name)
args (if arglists (print-str arglists) "")
{instant-sub :instant-sub} search-info
final-text (get-final-text item search-info)];make sure we are not talking to a symbol
(proxy [org.netbeans.spi.editor.completion.CompletionItem] []
(createDocumentationTask []
(get-doc-str tag))
(createToolTipTask []
(get-tool-tip tag))
(defaultAction [#^JTextComponent component]
;final-text (get-final-text item search-info)
(insert-text-inplace component item search-info))
(getInsertPrefix [] text)
(getPreferredWidth [#^Graphics g #^Font font]
(encode-html text)
(encode-html args)
g font))
(getSortPriority [] 1)
(getSortText [] #^CharSequence (str text))
(instantSubstitution [#^JTextComponent component]
(logger/info "Completion: instantSubstitution.")
(.defaultAction this component)
(accept-and-close item search-info)
(processKeyEvent [#^KeyEvent evt]
(logger/info "keyevent code {} instant {}" (.getKeyCode evt) instant-sub)
(if instant-sub
(.consume evt)
(.defaultAction this (:text-component search-info))
(accept-and-close item search-info))
(let [code (.getKeyCode evt)
is-alt (.isAltDown evt)]
(if (= code KeyEvent/VK_TAB)
(.consume evt)
(if (not is-alt)
(.defaultAction this (:text-component search-info))
(accept-and-close item search-info))))))))
; Continued search
(render [#^Graphics g #^Font defaultFont #^Color defaultColor
#^Color backgroundColor width height selected]
(ImageIcon. (load-icon symbol-type))
(encode-html text)
(encode-html args)
g defaultFont
(if selected Color/white Color/blue)
width height selected)))))
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