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;* Copyright (c) ThorTech, L.L.C.. All rights reserved.
;* The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
;* GNU General Public License, version 2
;* ( with classpath
;* exception (
;* which can be found in the file GPL-2.0+ClasspathException.txt at the root
;* of this distribution.
;* By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
;* the terms of this license.
;* You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
;* Author: Eric Thorsen
(ns org.enclojure.ide.nb.editor.completion.symbol-caching
(:use [clojure.main :exclude (with-bindings)])
(:require [clojure.set :as set]
[org.enclojure.ide.navigator.parser :as parser]
[org.enclojure.ide.analyze.symbol-meta :as symbol-meta]
[org.enclojure.ide.nb.classpaths.resource-tracking :as resource-tracking]
[org.enclojure.commons.c-slf4j :as logger]
[org.enclojure.commons.meta-utils :as meta-utils]
[org.enclojure.ide.analyze.files :as analyze.files]
; Java dependancies
(java.util.logging Level Logger)
( StringReader File StringWriter PrintWriter)
(java.util.jar JarFile$JarFileEntry JarFile JarEntry)
( URL)
(java.util Calendar)
; Enclojure dependancies for Asm (maybe I can piggy back off clojure or NB for this?
(org.enclojure.ide.asm ClassReader ClassVisitor Type)
(org.enclojure.ide.asm.tree ClassNode)
; Netbeans dependancies
( ClassPath$Entry ClassPath GlobalPathRegistry)
(org.openide.filesystems FileObject FileStateInvalidException
FileUtil JarFileSystem URLMapper)
; setup logging
(.setLevel (Logger/getLogger "org.enclojure.ide.nb.editor.completion.symbol-caching")
(def -reader-queues- (ref {}))
(def -path-listener- (ref nil))
(defn- publish-stack-trace [throwable]
(let [root-cause
(loop [cause throwable]
(if-let [cause (.getCause cause)]
(recur cause) cause))]
(binding [*out* (StringWriter.)]
(.printStackTrace #^Throwable root-cause (PrintWriter. *out*))
(when (not= root-cause throwable)
(.printStackTrace #^Throwable throwable (PrintWriter. *out*)))
(logger/error (str *out*)))))
(defmacro #^{:private true}
with-exception-handling [& body]
(catch Throwable t#
(publish-stack-trace t#))))
; validators
(defn validate-symbol-cache
"validator for the structure of the symbo cache"
;(logger/info "validating " cache)
(when (not= (count cache) (count (filter string? (keys cache))))
(throw (Exception. "All keys in the symbol cache must be strings")))
(let [r (reduce (fn [l [k {syms :symbols}]]
(when syms
(if (not= (count syms)
(count (filter string? (keys syms))))
(conj l k) l))) []
(when (pos? (count r))
(throw (Exception. (str "All symbol keys must be strings. Problems found in "
(interpose "," r)))))
(defn validate-string-keys
(let [bad-keys (filter #(not (string? %)) (keys cache))]
(if (pos? (count bad-keys))
(throw (Exception. (apply str "All keys must be strings. Problems found in "
(interpose "," bad-keys))))
; globals
(def #^{:doc "global map of all the parsed clj files.
Key is the full path of the file."
:private false}
-symbol-data-cache- (ref {})); :validator validate-symbol-cache))
(defn get-symbol-cache [] @-symbol-data-cache-)
(def #^{:doc "global map of symbols keyed on the namespace."
:private false}
-ns-symbol-data-cache- (ref {}))
(defn get-ns-symbol-cache [] @-ns-symbol-data-cache-)
(def #^{:doc "global map of symbols keyed on the java-class."'
:private false}
-java-class-symbol-data-cache- (ref {}))
(defn get-java-class-symbol-cache- [] @-java-class-symbol-data-cache-)
(def #^{:doc "global map of all the parsed lib files.
Key is the full path of the file.
For clojure files the value is the namespace."
:private false}
-file-cache- (ref {} :validator validate-string-keys))
(defn clear-caches []
(alter -symbol-data-cache- (fn [_] {}))
(alter -java-class-symbol-data-cache- (fn [_] {}))
(alter -file-cache- (fn [_] {}))))
(defn get-regex-any-matcher-pred [regex-lst]
(fn [f] (some #(re-find %1 f) regex-lst)))
(defn update-ns-symbol-cache
[cache {:keys [symbols] :as symbol-map}]
(if symbols
(reduce (fn [m [k v]]
(update-in m [(:namespace (first v))] assoc k v)) cache
;(defmulti update-caches
; (.fn [& args]
; (class (first args))))
(defn- set-conj [s i]
(conj (or s #{}) i))
(defn- classname-only
(let [clsi (.lastIndexOf #^String full-classname ".")]
(if (pos? clsi) (subs full-classname (inc clsi)) full-classname)))
(def -sym-cache-val-keys-
#{:super :package :symbols :access :orgname :lib :ext :source :source-file})
(defn- all-string-keys?
(= (count m) (count (filter string? (keys m)))))
(defn- expected-keys?
(every? -sym-cache-val-keys- (keys m)))
(defn update-caches
([key new-forms]
(let [{:keys [package]} new-forms]
(when-not (expected-keys? new-forms)
(throw (Exception. #^String
(apply str "New forms in single update had unexpected keys: "
(interpose "," (keys new-forms))))))
#(let [syms (or (%1 key) {})]
(assoc %1 key (merge syms new-forms))))
(when package
(commute -java-class-symbol-data-cache-
update-in [package]
set-conj (classname-only key))))))
(all-string-keys? new-forms)
(let [bad-keys (filter #(not (string? %)) (keys new-forms))]
(throw (Exception. #^String
(apply str "All keys in the symbol cache must be strings. Found "
(count bad-keys) " that were not strings:"
(interpose "," bad-keys))))))
(commute -symbol-data-cache-
(fn [cinx]
(reduce (fn [m [k v]]
(let [syms (or (m k) {})]
(when-not (expected-keys? v)
(throw (Exception. #^String
(apply str "New forms in batch update for " k " had unexpected keys: "
(interpose "," (filter #(not (-sym-cache-val-keys- %)) (keys v)))))))
(assoc m k (merge syms v))))
cinx new-forms)))
(commute -java-class-symbol-data-cache-
(fn [cinx]
(fn [m [k {package :package}]]
(if package
(update-in m [package]
set-conj (classname-only k)) m))
cinx new-forms))))))
; ;(merge-with merge m n))
; helper funcs
(defn is-clojure-compiled-class
[class-name] (re-find #"\$.*__" class-name))
(defn strip-extensions [#^String file-name exts]
(let [last-dot (.lastIndexOf #^String file-name ".")]
(if (and (pos? last-dot)
(exts (subs file-name (inc last-dot))))
(subs file-name 0 last-dot)
(defn key-from-file [filename]
(.replace #^String (strip-extensions filename #{"clj" "class"}) "/" "."))
(defn was-file-processed? [lib]
(@-file-cache- lib))
(defn cache-lookup-ns-from-file
"Takes a relative or full file path and looks in the cache to see if the file has been processed"
(let [relative (resource-tracking/get-relative-file full-file-path)
fullpath (resource-tracking/get-full-file full-file-path)]
(or (@-file-cache- fullpath) (@-file-cache- relative))))
(defn from-symbol-cache [ns-or-class]
(@-symbol-data-cache- ns-or-class))
(defn symbols-from-symbol-cache [ns-or-class]
(:symbols (from-symbol-cache ns-or-class)))
(defn all-java-instance-attr [full-file-path]
(from-symbol-cache (cache-lookup-ns-from-file full-file-path)))
(defn cache-counts []
"keys in symbol cache "
(count @-symbol-data-cache-)
"keys parsed data "
(count (filter #(:symbols %1) (vals @-symbol-data-cache-)))
" files " (count @-file-cache-)))
(defn file-obj-traverse
"Takes a FileObject and recurses through returning all the files"
([#^FileObject root predicate]
(let [accumfn (fn accumfn [roots files]
(loop [c roots files files]
(if-let [file #^FileObject (first c)]
(recur (rest c)
(if (.isFolder #^FileObject file)
(accumfn (.getChildren #^FileObject file) files)
(if (predicate file)
(conj files file) files)))
(accumfn (.getChildren #^FileObject root) [])))
([#^FileObject root]
(file-obj-traverse root identity)))
; Analysis of a given unit
(defmulti analyze
(fn [& args] [(class (:source (first args)))
(:ext (first args))]))
(defmethod analyze :default [& args]
(logger/warn "analyze default!!!!!!! {}" (apply str (interpose " " args))))
(defn analyze-clj-update-cache
[{:keys [source name] :as args} istream file-key]
(try ; At this level, I need to look inside the file for the
(let [k (meta-utils/ns-from-file file-key)]
(logger/debug "analyze :clj {}" source)
(let [symbols (analyze.files/analyze-file istream "clj" {:source-file file-key})
ns (ffirst (symbol-meta/get-namespace-node symbols))
existing-forms (from-symbol-cache (str ns))
new-symbols (merge existing-forms symbols)]
; (logger/debug "analyze :clj namespace is " ns)
; I have the file name, the namespace within the file and all the forms.
; Need to update the file cache as well as the symbol cache since
; the clojure soure may be in several different files.
; Need to dissoc any symbols in the existing forms based on this file
assoc file-key (str ns))
(update-caches (str ns) new-symbols))
(from-symbol-cache (str ns))))
(catch Throwable t
(publish-stack-trace t))))
(defn is-clj-data-in-cache? [filename ns]
(was-file-processed? filename)
(from-symbol-cache ns)))
(defmethod analyze [java.util.jar.JarEntry "clj"]
[{:keys [jar source name lib] :as args}]
; (logger/warn "analyze [java.util.jar.JarEntry clj]")
(let [k (meta-utils/ns-from-file (.getName #^JarEntry source))]
(logger/debug "analyze :clj looking up {} {}" k
(if (symbols-from-symbol-cache k) "yes" "no"))
(if (symbols-from-symbol-cache k)
(from-symbol-cache k)
(with-open [istream (.getInputStream #^JarFile jar #^JarEntry source)]
(analyze-clj-update-cache args istream (.getName #^JarEntry source)))))
(catch Throwable t
(publish-stack-trace t))))
(defmethod analyze [ "clj"]
[{:keys [source name force-update?] :as args}]
(let [k (meta-utils/ns-from-file (.getName #^File source))]
(logger/debug "analyze :clj looking up {} {}" k
(if (symbols-from-symbol-cache k) "yes" "no"))
(if (or (and (not force-update?)
(symbols-from-symbol-cache k)))
(from-symbol-cache k)
(with-open [istream ( #^File source)]
(analyze-clj-update-cache args istream
(.getPath #^File source)))))
(catch Throwable t
(publish-stack-trace t))))
(defmethod analyze [org.openide.filesystems.FileObject "clj"]
(FileUtil/toFile (:source args)))
(defmethod analyze [java.util.jar.JarEntry "class"]
[{:keys [jar source ext lib] :as args}]
(let [k (meta-utils/classname-from-file (.getName #^JarEntry source))]
; If it is a clojure compiled class we will skip it
(when-not (is-clojure-compiled-class k)
(or (symbols-from-symbol-cache k)
(logger/debug "analyze :class {}" source)
(let [forms (with-open [istream (.getInputStream #^JarFile jar #^JarEntry source)]
(analyze.files/analyze-file istream ext jar))]
(when-not (expected-keys? forms)
(throw (Exception. #^String
(apply str "New forms during analyze class for " k " had unexpected keys: "
(interpose "," (filter #(not (-sym-cache-val-keys- %)) (keys forms)))))))
(update-caches k
(assoc forms
:ext ext :lib lib :package (meta-utils/package-name-from-class k))))
(catch Throwable t
(publish-stack-trace t))))
; (commute
; -symbol-data-cache-
; assoc k
; (merge {:ext ext :lib lib :package (package-name-from-class k)}
; forms))
(defn reparse-file
"Given a with a full path, attempt to reparse and update the code data"
(logger/debug "reparse {}" file)
(analyze {:source file :name (.getPath file)
:force-update? true :ext "clj"}))
(defn test-analyze [fname]
(analyze {:source ( fname) :ext "clj" :force-update? true :name fname}))
(defn test-file []
(analyze {:ext "clj"
:source ( "/Users/ericthorsen/dev/third-party/Clojure/src/clj/clojure/core.clj")
:force-update? true
:name "/Users/ericthorsen/dev/third-party/Clojure/src/clj/clojure/core.clj"}))
(def ff "/Users/ericthorsen/dev/enclojure-nb-clojure-plugin/org.enclojure.ide.nb.clojure_plugin_suite/org.enclojure.ide.nb.editor/src/org/enclojure/ide/nb/editor/completion/symbol_caching.clj")
(defn test-more []
(analyze {:ext "clj"
:source ( ff)
:force-update? true
:name ff}))
; keys for the entries in the caches
(defn check-empty [#^String key-val & args]
(or (nil? key-val)
(and (string? key-val)
(not (pos? (count (.trim key-val))))))
(logger/error "null or empty key for {}" args))
(str key-val))
(defmulti path-key
(fn [& args] (class (first args))))
(defmethod path-key :default [path-data]
(check-empty (.getPath path-data) path-data))
(defmethod path-key$Entry
[#^ClassPath$Entry path-data]
(check-empty (.getURL #^ClassPath$Entry path-data) path-data))
(defmethod path-key clojure.lang.IPersistentMap
(check-empty (:key path-data) path-data))
(defmethod path-key java.util.jar.JarEntry
[#^JarEntry jar-entry data]
(check-empty (.getName #^JarEntry jar-entry) jar-entry data))
; Processing entries for a jar
(defn get-ext [#^JarEntry entry]
(let [ext (re-find #"\.[a-z]+$" (.getPath entry))]
(when ext (subs ext 1))))
(defn process-jar
([#^File jar-file parse-now-pred? ignore-pred? source-root n]
(logger/debug "process jar {}" jar-file)
(let [lib (.getPath jar-file)]
(with-open [jr #^JarFile (JarFile. jar-file)]
(logger/debug "Processing entries in jar {}" jar-file)
(loop [entries (take n (enumeration-seq (.entries jr))) classes {}]
(if-let [entry #^JarEntry (first entries)]
(let [ename (.getName entry)
ekey (key-from-file ename) ;(ns-from-file ename)
isdir? (.isDirectory entry)
path (when (and isdir? (.exists (File. ename)))
(FileUtil/normalizeFile (File. ename))))
sufx (.lastIndexOf ename (int \.))
ext (when (not= -1 sufx) (subs ename (inc sufx)))]
(if (parse-now-pred? ename)
(logger/debug "Parse now -> {} match {} :name {} :isdir? {} path {} sufx {} :ext {}"
ekey (parse-now-pred? ename) ename isdir? path sufx ext)
(logger/debug "Store key only -> {} match {} :name {} :isdir? {} path {} sufx {} :ext {}"
ekey (parse-now-pred? ename) ename isdir? path sufx ext))
(recur (rest entries)
; (merge classes
; (hash-map
; (reduce #(conj %1 %2
; {:root source-root :jar jr :source entry
; :ext ext :name (.getName entry) :lib lib})
; (filter (#{"clj" "class"} (.getExt entry))
; (file-obj-traverse path)))))
(merge classes
#(let [en (.getName %2)
ek (key-from-file en)]
(assoc %1 ek
{:root source-root :jar jr :source entry
:ext ext :name en :lib lib})) {}
(filter (#{"clj" "class"} (get-ext entry))
(file-obj-traverse path))))
(or isdir? (#{"clj" "class"} ext))
(let [more-args (when (= ext "class")
(meta-utils/package-name-from-class ekey)])
new-data (apply assoc
(if (and parse-now-pred? (parse-now-pred? ename))
(analyze {:root source-root :jar jr :source entry
:ext ext :lib lib :name (.getName entry)}) {})
:ext ext :lib lib :orgname ename more-args)]
(if (not (expected-keys? new-data))
(apply str "New forms during process-jar for " ekey " had unexpected keys: "
(interpose "," (filter #(not (-sym-cache-val-keys- %)) (keys new-data)))))
(assoc classes ekey new-data)))
:else classes))) classes)))
;(logger/debug "Completed processing entries in jar " jar-file)
(catch Throwable t
(publish-stack-trace t)))))
([jar-file parse-pred? ignore-pred?] (process-jar jar-file parse-pred? ignore-pred? nil Integer/MAX_VALUE))
([jar-file] (process-jar jar-file nil nil Integer/MAX_VALUE)))
(def testy "/Applications/NetBeans/NetBeans")
(def cljs "/Users/ericthorsen/dev/enclojure-nb-clojure-plugin/org.enclojure.ide.nb.clojure_plugin_suite/org.enclojure.ide.nb.editor/release/modules/ext/org.enclojure.repl.jar")
(def jclasses "/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5.0/Classes/classes.jar")
(defn ttt [#^String f]
( f)
(get-regex-any-matcher-pred [#".clj$" #".class$" #"org.netbeans"]) nil))
(defn process-jar-update-cache
;"traverses a set of jars and calls analyze on them"
[jar-file parse-pred? ignore-pred?]
; Keep the results but make sure all the keys are in the file map so they get cached.
(let [new-data
(process-jar jar-file parse-pred? ignore-pred?)
filtered (select-keys new-data
(filter #(not (is-clojure-compiled-class %))
(keys new-data)))]
(when (validate-symbol-cache new-data)
(update-caches filtered))))))
; (commute
; -symbol-data-cache-
; (fn [curr-state] ; Want the existing data to take precedence (why?)
; (merge filtered curr-state)))
; Processing for a set of paths
(defmulti process-path
(fn ([& args ] (class (first args)))))
(defmethod process-path :default [path-data & args]
(logger/debug "process-path default!!! {}" (class path-data))
(defmethod process-path$Entry
;"traverses a set of jars and calls analyze on them"
;(logger/debug "process-path ClassPath$Entry" classpath-entry)
(if classpath-entry
(let [url (.getURL #^ClassPath$Entry classpath-entry)
root (.getRoot #^ClassPath$Entry classpath-entry)]
(if url
(condp = (.getProtocol #^URL url)
"jar" (process-path
(if root
(.getFileSystem root)
(FileUtil/normalizeFile (File. (.getPath url)))))
"file" (process-path (.getRoot #^ClassPath$Entry classpath-entry))))))))
(defmethod process-path org.openide.filesystems.JarFileSystem
;"traverses a set of jars and calls analyze on them"
[#^JarFileSystem jar-file-system classpath-entry]
(logger/debug "process-path JarFileSystem {}" (.getDisplayName #^JarFileSystem jar-file-system))
(when-not (was-file-processed? (.getDisplayName #^JarFileSystem jar-file-system))
; Keep the results but make sure all the keys are in the file map so they get cached.
(logger/debug "process-path JarFileSystem (not cached) {}" (.getDisplayName #^JarFileSystem jar-file-system))
(let [new-data
(process-jar (.getJarFile jar-file-system)
[#"\.clj$" #"^java/lang/" #"^java/io" #"^java/text"])
[#"^clojure/core" #"^clojure/main" #"^clojure/set" #"^clojure/inspector"])
(.getRoot #^ClassPath$Entry classpath-entry) Integer/MAX_VALUE)
filtered (select-keys new-data
(filter #(not (is-clojure-compiled-class %))
(keys new-data)))]
(logger/info "!!!!!!!!!!!! process-path JarFileSystem " (.getDisplayName jar-file-system)
" adding " (count (keys new-data)))
(update-caches filtered)
assoc (.getDisplayName jar-file-system)
{:datetime (.getTime (Calendar/getInstance))}))))))
(defn analyze-class2
;(logger/debug "analyze-file class")
(with-open [i istream]
(let [cnode (org.enclojure.ide.navigator.CljClassVisitor.)]
(.accept (ClassReader. #^ istream) cnode analyze.files/-flags-) cnode)))
;(logger/debug "analyze-file class success!!!!!!!!!!")
(defn get-paths [type]
(.getPaths (GlobalPathRegistry/getDefault) type))
(defn get-jars [type]
(filter #(="jar" (-> %1 .getURL .getProtocol))
(for [path (.getPaths (GlobalPathRegistry/getDefault) type)
entry (.entries path)] entry))))
(defn get-nav-data-for
"Get the symbol data for a given file."
(logger/info "Navigator loading {}" file)
(cache-lookup-ns-from-file (.getPath file)))))
(def test-j (first (get-jars "classpath/compile")))
(defn testit []
(with-open [jr (JarFile. "/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5.0/Classes/classes.jar")]
(reduce #(assoc %1 %2 {:name (.getName %2) :isdir? (.isDirectory %2)
:size (.getSize %2)}) {} (enumeration-seq (.entries jr))))))
(def libs (ref #{}))
(def class-names (ref #{}))
(defn classes [how-many]
(with-open [jr (JarFile. "/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5.0/Classes/classes.jar")]
(when (.endsWith (.getName %1) ".class")
(with-open [s (.getInputStream jr %1)]
(analyze-class2 s)))
(catch Throwable t
(logger/error "error reading {}" (.getName %1))
(publish-stack-trace t)))
(take how-many
(enumeration-seq (.entries jr)))))))
(defn testing [n]
(process-jar (File. "/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5.0/Classes/classes.jar")
(get-regex-any-matcher-pred [#".clj$" #"^java.lang."]) nil))
(defn test-proc-path []
(process-path (first (get-jars "classpath/boot"))))
(defn reload-compile-path-all []
(doseq [p (get-jars "classpath/compile")]
(process-path p)))
(defn reload-boot-path-all []
(doseq [p (get-jars "classpath/boot")]
(process-path p)))
(defn reset-all []
(logger/debug "loading boot path {}")
(logger/debug "loading compile path {}")
(defn seeit [tt]
(map #(println (:defs (fnext %1))) (filter #(.startsWith (first %1) "java.lang.") tt)))
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