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Author Eric Thor: Merge branch 'protocol-work'
Author Eric Thor: Continuing with the test definitions for the repl.
Author Eric Thor: Moved to the latest version of clojure to get a bug fix for clojure.test/user-fixtures. Started adding more tests for the REPLs.
Author Eric Thor: Added a target to have ide-tools call the flex and cup compilers.
Author Eric Thor: Started adding special forms to parser.
Author Eric Thor: merged with local branch
Author Eric Thor: no change
Author Eric Thorsen: Added support for meta data on symbols and qualified symbols. Added support for all the dispath macros in the lexer
Author Eric Thor: Have the basic forms defined in the parser. Starting to work on the analyzer piece in clojure.
Author Eric Thor: Merge branch 'master' of
Author Eric Thor: Created a set of tests for the lexer and started getting clojure to proper grammer for CUP.
Author Eric Thor: Fixed a bug introduced in the validation routines for repl startup.
Author Eric Thor: Broken REPL...
Author Eric Thor: Merge branch 'protocol-work' of into protocol-work
Author Eric Thorsen: WORK-IN-PROGRESS
Author unknown: Wrapped the repl expr in prn-str before doing pretty print
Author Eric Thor: WORK IN PROGRESS
Author Eric Thorsen: WORK-IN-PROGRESS
Author Eric Thorsen: working on cup...
Author Eric Thor: Started adding in the CUP support.
Author Eric Thor: Working lexer. Began writing test cases and looking into the parser.
Author Eric Thor: Building version of the WORK-IN-PROGRESS...
Author Eric Thor: work-in-progress
Author Eric Thor: WORK-IN-PROGRESS - continuing on the analyzer
Author Eric Thorsen: WORK-In-PROGRESS
Author Eric Thor: MORE WORK on the analyzer - WORK-IN-PROGRESS!!!
Author Eric Thor: work-in-progress!!!!!!!!!
Author Eric Thorsen: Started the work on a parser combinator
Author Eric Thor: Moved the Netbeans plugin project into a plugins/Netbeans directory.
Author Eric Thor: Moved the Netbeans plugin into a plugins directory to better partition the code from the generic IDE support code.
Author Eric Thor: First pass on the protocol project.
Author Eric Thor: Completed the loadd-all files functionality. Added better error reporting for REPL startup.
Author Eric Thorsen: Added separate commands for loading source groups individually
Author Eric Thor: WORK-IN-PROGRESS!!! Adding support for loading all source from a given source group for a project into a repl. WORK-IN-PROGRESS!!!
Author Eric Thor: removed the private dir from under the ClojureProjectTemplate
Author Eric Thor: Fixed some bugs in order to support other java project types (web projects) on repl startup. Added the java-exe to the log statements in repl startup.
Author Eric Thor: Added functionality for inspecting java platforms. Added the :java-exe to the repl-data for startup Changed the project and stand alone repl startups to use the full path of the java-exe for the default platform.
Author Eric Thor: Continuing work on decting the platform for a project
Author Eric Thor: Work in progess...looking up the Java Platform for a project.
Author Eric Thor: Added bootstrap libs to return of java-exec-properties-for-java-platform function.
Author Eric Thor: Added some additional function in classpath_utils related to JavaPlatforms in Netbeans.
Author Eric Thor: Fixed a bug where the Project REPLs were not guaranteed to use the assigned Java Platform in their project.
Author Eric Thor: Cleaned up the factor-test function in the repl-client project. Fixed a bug where repl-startups were not using the JDK of the project for project repls.
Author Eric Thor: Cleaned up the unused code in the factory-test namespace.
Author Eric Thor: Completed making tests for the 3 use cases for repls.
Author Eric Thorsen: Added testing functions for external manageed repls and simplified the default replwindow factory
Author Eric Thor: Added a default factory for ReplWindows and default arguments for the 3 use cases for creating repls within the Enclojure REPL system. There are ant tests for inproc REPLs and Managed REPLs. External unmanaged are next...
Author Eric Thor: Added testing functions to start repl with history support outside of any IDE.
Author Eric Thor: Finished the first pass of a testing framework for the REPL system outside of Netbeans.
Author Eric Thorsen: Addded testing functions for repl outside of Netbeans
Author Eric Thor: Retired the repl_tc file in favor of a simplified and better isolated repl-win. Partitioned the repl hosting in the IDE from the implementation of the REPL support code such that only a couple of classes and a handful of functions need to be defined to plug the REPL framework into a windowing system.
Author Eric Thorsen: Starting to move the plugin code to use the generic startup routines
Author Eric Thor: Creating a layer towards further separation of the repl from Netbeans specific code.
Author Eric Thor: Added text mate projet files to .gitignore
Author Eric Thor: Added USERPROFILE environment variable for preferences on Windows platforms; fixes #16 Added context menu for loaded selected clojure source files.
Author Eric Thor: Updated the docs on some function.
Author Eric Thorsen: Added test dirs to projects
Author Eric Thor: Corrected a bug where just having clojure-contrib without the clojure jar was not getting caught by the classpath verifyer for the repl startup.
Author Eric Thor: Improved the warning message for missing clojure / clojure-contrib jars when starting repls.
Author Eric Thor: Fixed a bug where a parse warning was being bubled up as an exception. Added support for ensuring there is both a clojure and clojure-contrib jars in the slasspath before starting a repl.
Author Eric Thor: Added a testing file for completion-task
Author Eric Thor: Fixed a completion bug where the context was getting confused in some cases causing no symbols to be suggested at all.
Author Eric Thor: Fixed a completion bug when there was no context.
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