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Added a debug shim for inspecting project types.

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Eric Thorsen Eric Thorsen
Eric Thorsen authored and Eric Thorsen committed Jan 17, 2010
1 parent 5baaa5a commit 7b85254799c230365f4c2b7ce24f85802e5919b7
@@ -238,10 +238,13 @@ See the Enclojure category under preferences to view your settings"
(declare reset-repl)
+(def -project- (atom nil))
; External managed project REPL startup
(defn start-project-repl [#^Project p]
+ (swap! -project- (fn [_] p))
(let [repl-id (repl-focus/get-project-name p)
classpath (classpath-utils/get-repl-classpath p)
curr-config (repl-manager/get-repl-config repl-id)

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