Prefetch Explorer Command Line
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Prefetch Explorer Command Line

PECmd version

Author: Eric Zimmerman (

d               Directory to recursively process. Either this or -f is required
f               File to search. Either this or -d is required
k               Comma separated list of keywords to highlight in output. By default, 'temp' and 'tmp' are highlighted. Any additional keywords will be added to these.
json            Directory to save json representation to. Use --pretty for a more human readable layout
pretty          When exporting to json, use a more human readable layout

Examples: PECmd.exe -f "C:\Temp\"
PECmd.exe -f "C:\Temp\" --json "D:\jsonOutput" --jsonpretty
PECmd.exe -f "C:\Temp\" -k "system32, fonts"
PECmd.exe -d "C:\Windows\Prefetch"

Note: If you are running less than Windows 8 you will NOT be able to process Windows 10 prefetch files.