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Description: BinaryInclude demo
Author: Eric Zimmerman
Version: 1
Id: 1e144fa4-70ca-478f-b0b9-a148e4ba1b90
Description: demo
HiveType: SYSTEM
Category: System Info
KeyPath: ControlSet001\Control\NetworkSetup2\Interfaces\*\Kernel
ValueName: CurrentAddress
IncludeBinary: true
BinaryConvert: IP
#IncludeBinary: true
# if true, include bytes vs showing (binary data) in format 0A-11-AB-09
#BinaryConvert: IP
# if present, convert binary data to either Ipv4 address (IP) or 64 bit FILETIME (FILETIME)
#Conversion happens from offset 0. if an error happens, the unconverted data is included
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