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Memory scheme 3 (malloc() wrapper) does not have xPortGetFreeHeapSize()

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ErichStyger committed Mar 15, 2014
1 parent 59e8258 commit cf3a7d7837940dc5de3c1fc0da0ac89b2377eaf2
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  1. +2 −0 Drivers/sw/FreeRTOS.drv
@@ -1422,10 +1422,12 @@ static uint8_t PrintStatus(const %@Shell@'ModuleName'%.StdIOType *io) {
%@Utility@'ModuleName'%.Num16sToStr(buf, sizeof(buf), 1000/configTICK_RATE_HZ);
%@Shell@'ModuleName'%.SendStr(buf, io->stdOut);
%@Shell@'ModuleName'%.SendStr((unsigned char*)" ms\r\n", io->stdOut);
#if configFRTOS_MEMORY_SCHEME!=3 /* wrapper to malloc() does not have xPortGetFreeHeapSize() */
%@Shell@'ModuleName'%.SendStatusStr((unsigned char*)" Free heap", (const unsigned char*)"", io->stdOut);
%@Utility@'ModuleName'%.Num32uToStr(buf, sizeof(buf), %'ModuleName'%.xPortGetFreeHeapSize());
%@Shell@'ModuleName'%.SendStr(buf, io->stdOut);
%@Shell@'ModuleName'%.SendStr((unsigned char*)" bytes\r\n", io->stdOut);

return ERR_OK;

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