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Interactive guide to Ericsson C3 Web SDK
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Ericsson C3 Web SDK interactive guide

The guide is available at

The following (desktop) browsers are tested and supported:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari

Developing locally

Download the repo and then run the following in the root directory of the project:

$ npm install

After you've downloaded the repo and have run npm install the following commands are available:

  • $ npm run start - Starts a development server on localhost:8080 with automatic browser reload on asset file change.
  • $ npm run build - Creates a build in the ./dist/ folder.
  • $ npm run deploy - Creates a build of the latest master branch and uploads it to GitHub pages at

Adding new pages to the guide

To add a new page to the guide, you have to add it to the pages.json file located in the ./src/ folder. Each entry in the JSON file should look like this:

        "pageId": "example-page",              // The ID of the page that also will be used in the URL. Should be a slugged version of the title.
        "title": "Example Page",               // The title of the page
        "description": "Example description.", // The description of the page that will be shown on the home page.
        "text": "pages/",       // The text which will be shown in the guide.
        "code": "pages/example-page.js",       // The code that will be shown in the editor beside the text.
        "readOnly": false                      // If the code in the editor should be editable and runnable or not.

You also have to add the corresponding markdown and JavaScript file in the ./src/pages/ folder.

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