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##Exchange EWS Provider

Thank you for checking out Ericsson's Exchange EWS Provider. Ericsson and the Ericsson QA team are grateful for the help and hard work of many contributors like yourself.

Current Release Vs. Download trend is something like this

Getting involved as a contributor

We love working with contributors for Exchange EWS Provider, but it does require a few skills. You will need to know some Javascript, XUL, some CSS and a basic familiarity with GitHub.

If you know some Javascript, it's worth having a look at the Object Oriented Programming to understand the basic concepts of class based coding and especially for xul window objects.

If you need to brush-up on programming, but are eager to start contributing immediately, please consider helping us find bugs in Github Exchange EWS Provider or find bugs in the Issues tested by the EricssonQA team. To brush up on Javascript skills before engaging with us, Dive Into Javascript mozilla is an excellent resource. W3schools also has notes on Javascript available through their website. The programming concepts you will need to know include functions, working with classes, and some object-oriented programming basics. To brush up on XUL, Mozilla XUL is an easy and simple place to learn XUL, More of XUL are dynamically configured and cross-plateform.

Special thanks to all our contributors

Questions are always welcome

While we take pains to keep our documentation updated, the best source of information is those of us who work on the project. We also have the wiki pages to answer your general questions about contributing to Exchange EWS Provider.

Getting set up

It's easy to get set up: just 2 pieces of software to install and in few command lines you'll be running the addon!

Install Thunderbird

If you don't already have it installed, please install latest version

Install Lightning

If you don't already have it installed, please install latest version

Cloning the test repository with Git

After you have installed Git you will need to clone the project to your hard drive. From your workspace directory run this command which will copy (clone) the project to your hard drive

git clone --recursive git://

Installing developement tools

You will need to install Dom Inspector, Javascript Debugger and some other development tools. Fortunately Thunderbird addons makes it easy to install all of these:

Now using bash we'll compile the addon we need (which are written in wiki)

cd ./exchangecalendar_master; chmod +x ./; ./;

Now you can install the Exchange EWS Provider addon

Writing Code

If you want to get involved and add more code, then there's just a few things we'd like to ask you to do:

  1. Use the similar code format for all new developement and window objects
  2. Follow mozilla's simple Coding Style Guide recommendations
  3. Fork this project with your own GitHub account
  4. Make sure all tests are passing and submit a pull request with your changes


This software is licensed under the [GNU GPL] Version 3 [GNU GPL]:


Exchange 2007/2010/2013 Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and GAL Provider.







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  • JavaScript 98.1%
  • CSS 1.6%
  • Shell 0.3%