Calvin is an application environment that lets things talk to things, among other things.
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What is this?

Calvin is an application environment that lets things talk to things. It comprises of both a development framework for IoT application developers, and a runtime environment which handles the running application. Calvin is based on the fundamental idea that application development should be simple and fun. There should be no unnecessary impediments between an idea and its implementation, and an app developer should not have to worry about communication protocols or hardware specifics (but will not stop you from doing it if you want to.)

Getting Started

Go to the Calvin Wiki for instructions on how to install and configure Calvin, and how to write and deploy applications.

For the really impatient, the following may work:

  1. At a prompt, execute: pip install er-calvin
  2. Start a Calvin runtime: csruntime --host localhost --gui-mock-devices
  3. Point your browser to http://localhost:8000

If you encounter problems have a look at the wiki. If all else fails, post an issue describing the problem.


This is a community project that was started by a team in Ericsson Research. If you have questions or problems, report an issue and we will get back go you as soon as we can.


Other members of the Calvin family include calvin-constrained, a smaller runtime aimed at supporting devices with constrained or otherwise limited resources available.

Open issues

Fewer than before.