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Here you will find some miscellaneous information on Calvin, how to use it, and possibly why.

For returning visitors, there is a description of what has changed recently in the Release Notes.

Using Calvin

  1. Start by Installing Calvin
  2. Read up on CalvinScript and Applications
  3. Learn a bit about what Actors are
  4. Write an application in the Calvin GUI
  5. Connect some sensors and actuators to your application

You should now be ready to have a look at the Tutorial. It is not complete, but it should give you a basic understanding of how Calvin applications work.

Running Calvin

Now, the following topics should give a deeper understanding of to set up and run a Calvin system.

  1. Configure a Calvin runtime
  2. How deployment of applications work in Calvin.
  3. The Calvin Tools - compiler, parser, etc.
  4. Understanding Security and how to enable it in your Calvin system.

Develop (With) Calvin

There are a couple of pages of particular interest when developing and deploying Calvin applications;

  1. The Actor documentation is a complete list of all actors currently available
  2. The Control API describes the REST-API used for controlling a Calvin runtime
  3. Finally, the page CalvinScript describes all the fiddly details of the Calvin application script.

Extra Credits

  1. Set up your ways of working with Editor Support (under construction).
  2. Read how to contribute, and do so.
  3. Get familiar with the platform abstraction modules calvinsys and calvinlib.

Learn more

Finally, an all-you-can-read buffet of Calvin publications is available for your perusal.

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